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21 Westwood, by A.K. Small, 03/08/11

Abiding by the Rules, by Matt Hlniak, 08/21/15

Aces and Alibis, by Mary Ann Back, 05/25/12

The Actor’s Lament, by Thomas Sullivan, 03/04/11

The Affair, by Wayne Scheer, 02/10/12

Afterlife, by Alderon Minx, 01/29/11

Against All Odds, by Nick Johns, 07/31/12

All Conquering Comma, by E.W. Farnsworth, 01/08/16

An Afternoon at the Louvre, by Bonnie McCune, 02/17/12

And You Are?, by Melodie Corrigall, 03/03/16

The Angel, by Olivia Friedman, 04/19/14

Another Long Weekend, by Steven Kaminsky, 12/06/12

Allegedly, by Bryan Carrigan, 05/08/12

Almost Amish, by Walter Schmidt, 07/07/14

Aspects of a Traditional Vampire and the Need to Dispatch Same, by D. Krauss, 10/24/13

Back In Time, by Jon Moray, 12/13/13

BANG! It’s Broke!, by Mark Steele, 02/28/16

Beating, by Shay Hatten, 04/18/13

Be Careful What You Ask For, by Joseph Giordano, 01/28/13

Believe It, by Christopher T. Werkman, 02/10/16

To Believe or Not, by R.R. Brooks, 02/25/16

The Bells at Myron McCord, by W.K. Erwin, 04/30/14

Beseiged, by Heather Roulo, 01/12/14

Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boo, by Nikki Vogel, 01/21/14

Bigfoot Honking Love, by Dana Wright, 02/12/16

Birds and Bees, by Kate Berwanger, 05/01/15

Black Rose, by Joshua J. Mark, 12/20/11

Bloody Broadhorn, by Henry Brasater, 04/23/14

The Body of Carly Brinkley, by Mickey Bell, 03/14/13

Bon Appetit, by David Neilsen, 10/03/13

Break Up Form Letter, by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, 05/18/12

Bug Eyed Monsters, by Gary Clifton, 02/07/13

Bustout, by Gary Clifton, 07/17/12

Call Him Lucky, by Walter Giersbach, 04/09/14

Call Me Muttonchops, by Stephanie Madan, 09/16/13

Cannonade, by Skeeter Enright, 08/19/13

Change of Heart, by Brittney D. Herz, 08/11/14

Chasing Cars, by Mileva Anastasiadou, 12/26/15

Chivalrous Intentions, by James Fadeley, 01/24/14

The Christmas Caroles, by Sue Gerrard, 12/20/15

A Christmas Present, Past, and Future, by Tony Wayne Brown, 12/08/15

Closet Biker, by Aliki Papavgeris, 09/18/14

The Club of the Uncertainly Widowed, by C.M. O’Connor, 07/02/12

The Coffeeshop of Vice and Inequity, by Sam Westreich, 09/30/13

Coitus Interruptus, by Gregg Sapp, 09/04/14

Composite, by Neil Weston, 07/26/11

The Compromise, by Catt Moran, 06/07/12

Confidante, by Tim McDaniel, 03/25/12

Constant – A League of Sol Planets Short Story, by Jon Ricson, 12/26/13

The Consultant, by Emma Tonkin, 08/10/16

A Consumer’s Rights by Matthew Harrison, 08/18/14

Cornucopia, by Edward Ahern, 07/18/13

Crosscut, by Gary Clifton, 09/09/13

A Crow’s Feast, by Gary Hewitt, 02/04/14

Crusading, by Thea Zimmer, 11/29/11

The Curse of the Magi, by Michael Seese, 04/08/16

A Dancer’s Wrists, by Steve Smith, 01/10/12

The Dancing Miners, by Olivia Arieti, 06/18/15

Damage Squared, by Shaun Avery, 02/04/16

A Day In, by Ellen Vickrey, 02/22/11

Day Shift, by Kevin Garvey, 05/21/14

Dear Diary, by Chaitali Gawade, 22/02/12

Dear Diary, by Sharon M. Kennedy, 05/02/16

Death Patrol, by R.C. Capasso, 10/31/13

Detachment, by Robert Kibble, 07/30/15

The Devil Went Down to Iowa, by J.L. deGarie, 12/27/11

Dissonance, by Maude Larke, 11/01/11

The Djinn, by Nancy Gibson, 01/24/13

Does Mom Have to Go?, by Walter Giersbach, 10/10/14

Dog Park Encounter, by Sally Basmajian, 03/12/16

Doll Face, by A.E. Gagner, 02/18/16

Double Down, by Gary Clifton, 04/22/13

Doubles, by Holly Riordan, 03/07/16

Eastern Boys and Dragon Girls, by Matthew Eaton, 02/28/14

Eating Out, by Tony Wayne Brown, 03/07/13

The 8th Chapter, by James Freeze, 07/06/15

The Empath, by Jim Schoen, 06/28/12

Empty Nest, by Ally Pete, 05/04/12

Empty Nest Syndrome, by D. Krauss, 05/23/13

The End Is Near, by Rebecca Snow, 02/11/11

Entry Wounds, by Paul Allih, 05/15/16

The Essence of Revenge, by Ericka Kahler, 12/27/12

Eternal Life, by Ross Baxter, 03/19/14

Eva, by Glendaliz Camacho, 01/10/13

Everybody’s Perfect Childhood, by Dave Clark, 07/26/15

The Experiment, by Matthew Harrison, 09/15/15

Extracurricular Activities, by Rick Rauch, 01/29/12

The Fall of Admiral Victory, by Jason Beck, 08/14/15

Fall From Grace, by John Mueter, 08/07/15

Fandom Awry, by Maude Larke, 06/21/12

Family Man, by Wayne Sheer, 12/13/12

Family Ties, by Erik Svehaug, 08/12/13

Family Treasure, by Janet Yung, 01/04/11

The Farmhand, by Jennifer Zoia, 01/07/11

Fat Chance, by Ken Goldman, 11/02/15

Final Landing, by Amy LaBonte, 11/08/12

Firestorm, by E.M. Sole, 10/24/15

Forget Me Not, by Jon Moray, 07/13/15

For the Love of a Leg, by Melodie Corrigall, 02/25/14

For Mama, by Tony Wayne Brown, 11/01/12

Found Wanting, by Salena Casha, 01/03/13

Four Photos, by Eleanor Bennett, 04/24/13

Frank Goes to the Shack, by Elizabeth Archer, 10/10/13

French Kiss, by Diane Tarantini, 02/08/12

From Space, by Joseph Rubas, 06/14/16

Full Moon Kiss, by Wendell Mitchell, 02/21/14

Game Piece, by Christopher T. Werkman, 03/08/14

The Gift, by Grace Hertenstein, 02/18/14

Going South, by Roger Poppen, 01/11/11

Golf Goes On, Lynne Hinkey, 07/21/14

The Great Giorgio Fabuccini, by Aliki Waller, 07/17/15

The Guardian, by Sienna Rachelle, 10/11/11

Hang In There Mister Z, by J.D. Hager, 09/22/15

The Hero, by Tony Wayne Brown, 05/07/14

The Hero Garden, by Folly Blaine, 01/19/12

Hidden In the Mirror, by Olga Godim, 03/21/16

House of Mirrors, by Hallie M. Smith, 05/11/16

And How the Algae Twines, by Leah Kaminsky, 11/29/12

How Josie’s Problem Got Solved, by Caroline Taylor, 03/29/16

How to Rent to a Virgin, by Jeanne M. Haskin, 01/27/11

To Howl, by Brandon Diaz, 02/24/12

The Huntsman’s Gifts, by C.J. Peat, 06/01/15

I’d Be So Thrilled, by Maude Larke, 03/13/12

I’m Not Sick, by D.K. Snape, 07/29/13

Independence Day, by Fay Lee, 11/21/13

The Inheritance, by E.M. Sole, 05/08/13

Innocence Lost and Regained, by Carol Ayer, 01/17/13

In the Hour of My Death, by A.W. Gifford, 03/25/16

In the Lodge, by Anne Bartles, 06/06/16

In Time For Christmas, by Wendy Steele, 12/14/15

I Remember, by Paul Jenner, 07/25/13

Iterations, by Josh English, 12/30/13

It’s Taken Care Of, by Margaret Karmazin, 02/07/16

I Won, by M. Leon Smith, 11/26/11

It Won’t Happen, by Karen Beatty, 11/08/11

Jeanette’s Feast, by Michelle Ann King, 11/23/15

Jnaxtio, by Catfish McDaris, 08/02/11

Judgement Day, by Sasha Thomas, 03/29/14

Judith, by R.C. Capasso, 03/12/14

Just A Visit, by Brittney D. Herz, 01/20/16

The Keenest Blade, by Laura Mortensen, 05/31/12

Keloid Love, by M.Y. Kearney, 05/14/14

Kicking Off the Dust, by D.K. Snape, 05/28/14

Kilby, by Camille Griep, 09/02/13

Krazy 4 Koontz, by Joseph Rubas, 05/15/12

The Lamp, by Zarina Zabrisky, 03/29/12

Last Birthday Blast, by Nathaniel Tower, 12/08/11

Last Supper, by Mark F. Geatches, 10/07/15

The Late Night Ghost, by James Hartley, 12/13/11

The Laughing Yokai, by Russell Hemmell, 08/02/16

Lazarus, by Kish, 01/14/11

Legs, by Nick Johnson, 04/12/16

A Lengthy Interrogation Concerning a Murder I May Have Committed, by Nathaniel Tower, 05/22/12

The Light, by Eric Gonzalez, 02/13/12

Linny and the Dwarf, by Charles Frierman, 04/16/16

Lost and Found, by Christina Ortega Phillips, 06/20/13

Love Hurts, by Randy Whittaker, 02/02/16

A Love Letter to Mae West, by Brenda Moguez, 08/20/12

Love Letter to Tommy, by Katherine Indovina, 08/09/12

Love Letters to My Editor, by Philip Simondet, 08/28/12

A Love Like No Other, by Jane Chisnall, 03/25/13

Love-Love, by Burt Baum, 09/23/13

Lumps and Bumps, by Jodie Llewellyn, 02/20/12

Lynette’s Hair Is Missing, by Davis Horner, 11/30/15

Machine Feelings, by Phil Temples, 01/22/12

MEG, by Gary Clifton, 07/11/13

The Memory Box, by Janet Garber, 07/22/15

Metaphysical Noir: The Key, by Brian Behr Valentine, 08/28/15

Miles to Go, by Richard Flores IV, 09/03/12

Mommy, by Joseph Rubas, 05/18/13

Monster Like Me, by E.M. Sole, 10/17/13

A Mother’s Tale, by Rayne Debski, 06/23/15

A Mother’s Love, by Aaron Z. Hawkins, 05/13/13

Mother’s Voice, by Keshia Swaim, 05/28/13

Mourning Through Fishnets, by Nate Tower, 07/14/11

Moving Forward, by Wayne Scheer, 03/21/12

Mud Season, by Mary Pat Musick, 11/15/11

Murderer’s Grave, by E.M. Sole, 03/22/14

My Cell Phone Stole My Boyfriend, by A.J. Huffman, 07/15/13

My Little Accident, by Stacie Adams, 01/15/12

My Mother Never Said, by R.L. Cherry, 06/10/13

My Name Is Barbara, by Carolyn Southward, 03/16/16

Near Miss, by Gary Clifton, 06/07/13

The Necklace, by Mark Steele, 04/21/16

Neighbor, by Samantha Stier, 03/21/13

Neighborhood Watch, by Seth Johnson, 03/15/12

Never Before, by Ericka Kahler, 12/06/13

New York City Digestion Blues, by Catfish McDaris, 02/02/11

Next Christmas, Last Christmas, by Walt Giersbach, 12/30/15

No Fly Zone, by Nathan Pettigrew, 10/21/11

No More Excuses, by Sarah Newfeld-Green, 05/11/12

Not Evidence of Anything, by Anne Bartles, 05/06/16

Not Your Horsy Kind of Girl, by Janett Grady, 06/02/13

Number 13, by Merrily Allyson, 02/14/13

Office Mistakes, by Jane Sherman, 08/16/16

The Old-Fashioned Way, by Wayne Scheer, 06/14/14

One Foot in the Grave, by Cassandra Delaney, 03/15/14

Orphans, by Ginny Levy, 06/12/13

Out of Body, by Edmund De Santis, 06/14/12

Out of the Depths, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt, 01/26/12

OverSharing, by Andrew Vrana, 11/28/13

A Pardon of Sorts, by Maude Larke, 11/15/12

Paradise Modified, by Cathy Bryant, 07/04/13

Patients and Inmates, by Gary Clifton, 09/24/12

A Perfect Match, by Dan Evon, 06/22/14

Pig, Monkey, Fire, by Thao Le, 08/05/16

Possessions, by Christina Ortega Phillips, 10/12/15

Potatoes, by Kyle Scot Martinez, 01/05/12

Pretty, by Ally Pete, 02/08/11

Privacy Night, by Kevin Garvey, 11/07/13

The Prophet, by B.F. McCune, 04/11/13

The Psychic In the WalMart Parking Lot, by Walter Giersbach, 11/14/13

Quarter Tank of Gas, by Rebecca Jones-Howe, 07/24/12

Red, by Christina Ortega Phillips, 06/07/15

Red Apple, by Gio Clairval, 01/14/14

The Return, by Nathan Cromwell, 08/25/14

The Revengineers, by David Court, 04/04/16

River Falls, by Barb Lundy, 05/20/12

The Root of All Evil, by Wayne Scheer, 11/12/11

Run, by Margaret Karmazin, 01/17/11

The Scent of My Dreams, by Holly Day, 11/29/11

Scow of Destiny, by Jonathan Shipley, 06/26/16

The Sea Grape Inn, by C.L. Malone, 05/28/12

A Séance for Ingrid, by S. Zainab Williams, 06/25/12

In Search of a Good Séance, by Jenny Bohatch, 06/11/12

Seen Dead In, by Alderon Minx, 07/07/11

Seen/Unsought – Sight/Unseen, by Scott Thomas Smith, 01/24/12

Sick Day, by Deirdre Coles, 02/07/14

Simply Complicated, by Brian Behr Valentine, 06/04/14

Sisterhood, by Deirdre Coles, 06/30/13

The Skirt, by Bob Cornell, 02/15/11

The Sled, Diane Arrelle, 07/14/14

Sleeping With the Fish, by Diane Arrelle, 06/14/15

The Song, by Chris Deal, 01/18/11

Spending My Time, by Shenoa Carroll-Bradd, 02/11/14

Star-Crossed, by Ken Goldman, 07/07/16

Star Murders, by Nathaniel Tower, 02/21/13

Starting Over, by Wayne Scheer, 11/22/11

Still Life, by Salena Casha, 02/15/12

Storm Crow Door, by Bruce D. Millar, 08/16/11

Story Police, by MaryAlice Meli, 01/19/14

Straight Down the Middle, by Ted Conti, Jr, 02/06/11

Straight Down the Middle, Part II, by Ted Conti, Jr., 09/15/12

The Streetwalker, by Hollis Whitlock, 04/16/14

Subito, by Maude Larke, 05/13/12

Summer Sub, by Jackie Davis Martin, 09/29/15

Superhero (ret.), by Chris Doerner, 01/12/12

Survival, by Kish, 04/15/11

Tapestry, by D. Krauss, 08/26/13

Teddy Bear, by Alderon Minx, 02/06/11

Tempest, by Russell Linton, 02/14/14

Tempo Blue, by Judy Hall, 08/05/13

There Are No Monsters, by Bridgette Singleton, 12/20/12

They Are Out to Get Me, by Jane Chisnall, 04/04/13

They Do Things Better in Albuquerque, by Michelle Ann King, 03/09/12

The Thinning Ranks, by Tom Sheehan, 11/22/12

Three Days During the Contagion, by Leigh Ward-Smith, 06/18/16

Three Generations, by Wayne Scheer, 06/15/13

Those Things We Cannot Change, by Phillip Irving, 12/19/13

The Ticket, by Evelyn Krieger, 06/25/13

Tight Shoes, by Burt Baum, 02/27/12

Timeslip, by Matthew Harrison, 05/25/16

Tipped, by Nemone Smith, 08/22/16

T or R, by Eva Silverfine, 05/20/16

Tortoise, by Carolyn Smuts, 02/22/16

The Train is Coming, by Walter Giersbach, 09/05/15

Trouble In Coach B, by Shirley Muir, 08/29/16

The True Meaning Of Christmas Finds Frankie (I Know What You’re Thinking, Read It Anyway), by Nathan Cromwell, 12/05/15

True to Yourself, by Matthew Harrison, 06/10/16

The Turtle From Tibet, by Wayne Bachner, 06/28/15

Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right, by Nate Tower, 08/09/11

Unknown Soldier, by Robert J. Mendenhall, 03/05/14

Unlikely Friends, by Wayne Scheer, 11/12/14

Unmatched, by Diane D. Gillette, 03/31/12

Victor’s Proposal, by Carla Sarett, 03/19/12

Virgin Sacrifice’s, by A. Michael Marsh, 08/20/12

The Waiting Room, by Christina Ortega Phillips, 03/26/14

The Weasel and the Dragon, by C.S. Malerich, 01/31/14

We Don’t Know You but We Know You, by Michael Harris Cohen, 09/08/15

Wee Bear and Goldilocks, by Jason Welch, 01/28/14

A Weekend of Omissions, by Diane Arrelle, 02/15/16

Wet At the Top of the Stairs, by Juliana Rew, 01/07/14

What I See, by Cass Wood, 06/22/16

The White Monkey, by Chris Dean, 11/09/15

Who’s In the Trunk?, by Wakefield Mahon, 07/10/12

Why Benny Three Sticks Is Still A Virgin, by Walter Giersbach, 05/16/15

Why the Sea Is Salt, by Edward Ahern, 01/16/14

Wicked, by Sheena Williams, 01/03/14

Wildflower, by Keisha Swaim, 01/10/14

Winners, by Robert Joe Stout, 11/26/14

With A Little Help, by Brittney D. Herz, 10/17/15

The Wrath of the Zombies, by Bob Cornell, 01/21/11

The Wrath of the Zombies, by Bob Cornell, 02/18/11

Wrong Way Round, by Matthew Harrison, 11/16/15

Your Most Precious of Gifts, by Jason Lairamore, 05/06/12

You Should Not Have Asked, by Shana Figueroa, 01/31/13

You Shouldn’t Have, by Darren Todd, 04/27/16

Zvengali, by Kevin Z. Garvey, 06/02/16

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