is the expansion and consumption of the fiction section at NGX was dedicated to humour and found that the majority of the fiction we rejected was really quite good, but did not meet our humour requirement. Turning away wonderful stories soon became tiresome, and the seed of Infection was born. We would be a repository for all sorts of fiction, all genres and styles - the idea was then warped into something that would keep us compelled long into the future.

Instead of focusing on genre or style, we inspect themes and universes. We hope to release anthologies that read like quirky experimental novels - all based on the same prompt, featuring perhaps the same characters, but with varied genres and styles.

Our experimental novel project is forthcoming, the plan is thus: the story will be planned from start to finish, the contents of each novel chapter predetermined, the author chooses their chapter and writes it, eventually all the chapters are complete and ta da - novel. Varied styles, varied focus, but the story still gets told. More than one author wrote the same chapter? No problem, the more the merrier, the reader will simply have a different chapter option to follow, and that might just be pretty awesome.

Please see our Current Prompts and Guidelines for full details.

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