is interested in great fiction. Unless specified, we are open to all genres and styles, except erotica.

We offer $10 per Short Story (submissions between 1500 and 5000 words), payable via PayPal. We do not currently pay for Flash Fiction (submissions under 1500 words), bragging rights however, are priceless, and we encourage you to exercise yours.

Don’t forget to read our Submissions Guidelines and Author Agreement

Being published right now:

  • Decisions with terrible consequences
  • Unhappy endings very highly preferred

Submissions for this prompt closed on March 28th


To be published May 2014:

  •  Trying to change
  •  We’re looking for stories featuring characters that are trying to be something different than they are. Self improvement, denial of ones true self, pursuing a goal, taking on a false identity – whatever.
  • The ‘change’ does not have to be successful, it’s the attempt that we’re interested in, the outcome is secondary.

You should submit your story by April 28th 2014


To be published June 2014:

  •  The future of dating
  • Sci-fi highly preferred

You should submit your story by May 29th 2014


To be published July 2014:

  •  Great friendships
  • The friendship itself must be a central feature of the story, rather than a story where your characters just happen to be friends.
  • To clarify: the friendship is more important to us than the actual friends involved.

You should submit your story by June 28th 2014


To be published August 2014:

  • The first or last sentence of your story must be: Asking for my money back, was really a terrible idea
  • All genres/tenses/perspectives welcome, just adjust the sentence prompt to accommodate your tense/perspective as needed

You should submit your story by July 29th 2014


To be published September 2014:

  •  Discovering your parents’ secret stash
  • Figuring out that your parents are actual real people who have had sex outside of your conception and have their own hopes and dreams and vices can be pretty horrible/shocking/eye opening/disgusting/amazing/wonderful – or what have you :)

You should submit your story by August 29th 2014

Micro-Flash Prompts, 1 sentence minimum, no maximum word length!

Visit us on Twitter @INfectiveINk for our mini prompts. Reply to the prompt tweet with your Twitter length story, or tweet a teaser and a link to the full piece! All replies will be retweeted.



  • All perspectives are welcome unless the prompt specifies which one we’re looking for e.g. Second person perspective preferred.
  • Unless specified, we are also open to all tenses, character gender, etc. You’re encouraged to explore.
  • Unless specified  all genres are welcome except erotica. A haunted house doesn’t have to be a horror story, in fact a haunted house could simply refer to a memory or a family that has endured a tragedy. Zombie tales can be hilarious, and the word ‘zombie’ could refer to any number of things. Mysteries can find their way into any situation. Be creative, push your boundaries, have fun, write great stories.
  • We are pretty flexible with regard to story length, but please make an attempt toward reason.
  • You are welcome to submit your own infections to be used as future prompts here at Send us your rich characters, send us your universe, send us your unresolved situation! We don’t pay for this, but you will get credit for the prompt.

Don’t forget to read our Submissions Guidelines and Author Agreement

Questions? Need some help/guidance? Email us at

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