Author Bios!

Stacie Adams:
Stacie Adams is a drinker with a writing problem. She’s currently working on a novel and hopes to complete it before the world ends in 2012. She lives in Pittsburgh with her common law husband and a turtle named Pierre. When she’s not reading or writing she’s at the bar telling people about the time she saw Queens of the Stone Age in a fortress in Germany.
01/15/12, My Little Accident

Edward Ahern:
Ed Ahern resumed writing after forty odd years in foreign intelligence and international sales. He has his original wife, but advises that after forty six years they are both out of warranty. Ed has had forty plus stories accepted thus far.
07/18/13, Cornucopia
01/16/14, Why the Sea Is Salt

Paul Allih:
Paul Allih resides in a small town in Florida where there’s nothing to do but fish or develop a drug habit. When he’s not writing, Paul keeps himself occupied with dark fiction, true crime, and cheap bourbon. His story, “The Extra Mile” will be in the Stiff Things anthology from Comet press this summer.
05/15/16, Entry Wounds

Merrily Allyson:
Merril Allyson is writing through the empty nest syndrome with her two dogs, her computer, and her books. She enjoys reading, writing, and the outdoors.
02/14/13, Number 13

Mileva Anastasiadou:
Mileva Anastasiadou is a neurologist, living and working in Athens, Greece. She has published two books, a collection of short stories and a novel. She enjoys spending her free time chasing cars and writing.
12/26/15, Chasing Cars

Elizabeth Archer:
Elizabeth Archer has published poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. She has a degree in English, lives in Texas, and hunts zombies when she’s not working on her novel.
10/10/13, Frank Goes to the Shack

Olivia Arieti:
Olivia Arieti, a US citizen, with a degree from the University of Pisa, lives in Torre del Lago Puccini, Italy, with her family. Besides being a published playwright, she loves writing poems and short stories that have appeared in several magazines and anthologies in the USA and the UK.
06/18/15, The Dancing Miners

Diane Arrelle:
Diane Arrelle, the pen name of South Jersey writer Dina Leacock, has been writing for more than 20 years and has sold almost 200 short stories. She has two published books, Just A Drop In The Cup, a collection of short-short stories and Elements Of The Short Story, How to Write a Selling Story. She is proud to be one of the founding members as well as the second president of the Garden State Horror Writers and is also a past president of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference. She has just retired from being director of a municipal senior citizen center and lives with her husband, sometimes her son and of course her cat on the edge of the Pine Barrens in Southern New Jersey (home of the Jersey Devil).
07/14/14, The Sled
06/14/15, Sleeping With the Fish
02/15/16, A Weekend of Omissions

Shaun Avery:
Shaun Avery is a crime and horror fiction fan who has been published in many magazines and anthologies, as well as recently co-creating the self-published horror comic, Spectre Show. He has yet to come across an amicable break-up, and thinks the term is probably an oxymoron.  Though this belief is probably slightly exaggerated by “Damage Squared.”
02/04/16, Damage Squared

Carol Ayer:
Carol Ayer worked at a park like the one in this story in the 1980s. As far as she knows, the story is not based on real-life events. She usually writes romance, but realizes some people consider romance and horror to be the same thing. Visit her at
01/17/13, Innocence Lost and Regained

Wayne Bachner:
Wayne Bachner is a graduate of Columbia College and UConn School of Social Work, and is currently employed as a psychiatric social worker. He enjoys writing in a variety of styles and genres. Be sure to read, Early Winter over at, and keep an eye out for him in the fall edition of A Capella Zoo.
06/28/15, The Turtle From Tibet

Mary Ann Back:
Ms. Back, of Mason, Ohio, was awarded the 2009 Bilbo Award for creative writing by Thomas More College. The characters she creates are from the wrong side of the tracks and are not to be trusted. She kicks them out of the house every chance she gets when some unwitting publisher agrees to take them off her hands. Her writing has appeared in many publications, including: Short Story America, Every Day Fiction, Bete Noire, Apollo’s Lyre, Eclectic Flash, 50 to 1, Flashes in the Dark, A Twist of Noir, The Loyalhanna Review, Flash Fiction Chronicles, and Screenwriters’ Daily.
05/25/12, Aces and Alibis

Anne Bartles:
Originally from New York, Anne Bartles is currently hiding out in Texas. Several cats allow Anne to live in their home, in exchange for kibble and her silence about their activities. Recently, she’s been working on the last edits of her first book: a slightly supernatural murder mystery.
05/06/16, Not Evidence of Anything
06/06/16, In the Lodge

Sally Basmajian:
Sally Basmajian is an executive escapee from the corporate world of broadcasting. She has been writing for almost two years, dabbling mostly in fiction and memoir pieces. In 2015 she won prizes in the Rising Spirits Awards and SQ Mag’s Story Quest contest, and had stories pop up in places such as Psychology Tomorrow and the UnCommon Bodies anthology.
03/12/16, Dog Park Encounter

Burt Baum:
Burt Baum is 77 years old and still young enough to write about affairs even if (as he says) it has become increasingly difficult for him to have them! He retired from his work as an industrial chemist about 15 years ago and has been writing (mainly short stories) ever since. Burt’s work has appeared in the “St. Paul Pioneer Press”, “Elysian Fields”, “The Storyteller”, “The Wall” and “Reflections”.
02/27/12, Tight Shoes
09/23/13, Love-Love

Ross Baxter:
After thirty years at sea, Ross Baxter now concentrates on writing sci-fi and horror fiction. He originally started writing westerns to while away the long hours at sea during the lengthy night watches; the wide open spaces of the Old West distracting from the close confines of a warship of the New West. His varied work has been published in print and Kindle by a number of publishing houses in the US and the UK. He has also been shortlisted for the 2014 Mash Stories fiction prize.
Married to a Norwegian and with two Anglo-Viking kids, he now lives in Derby, England.
03/19/14, Eternal Life

Karen Beatty:
Karen Beatty thinks of life as a river, coming and going, surging and flowing. Born in Eastern Kentucky near the temperamental Lickin’ River and reared in New Jersey beside the Raritan River, Beatty served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the 1960s, along the mighty Mekong River bordering Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Finally, she settled between the Hudson River and the East River, on the isle of Manhattan. She likes her music gritty and soulful (Bonnie Rait, Neil Young) and there is always a song in her head, whether she’s delivering medical supplies to Cuba or trekking the mountain jungles of Laos to converse with Buddhist monks in training.
11/08/11, It Won’t Happen

Jason Beck:
Jason Beck was raised in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. A 2007 graduate of West Chester University, he’s currently employed—as so many former English majors/aspiring writers tend to be—in the Human Services field, helping people with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. When not wrestling with one of his ongoing writing projects, he’s running wild with his nieces and nephews, teaching the Irish terrier and Mastiff self determination, and neglecting the lawn mower and renegade hedges in his back yard. He lives with his wife near Allentown, PA, and will soon finish a novel featuring Antoine Bowman, the star of The Fall of Admiral Victory.
08/14/15, The Fall of Admiral Victory

Brian Behr Valentine:
Brian Behr Valentine, (55) formerly an engineer and then an international award winning winemaker, is now an MFA in Creative Writing student at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky.
06/04/14, Simply Complicated
08/28/15, Metaphysical Noir: The Key

Mickey Bell:
Mickey Bell lived in Korea for four years after graduating from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia with a BA in English. While in Korea, he taught English as a second language and published a writing textbook. He has another book coming out this year in Korea about helping parents teach their children English. Since returning to Philadelphia recently with his Korean wife, he has been teaching, tutoring, writing, and eating way too many Twizzlers.
03/14/13, The Body of Carly Brinkley

Eleanor Leonne Bennett:
Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16 year old internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic,The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland trust and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in the Telegraph , The Guardian, BBC News Website and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010. See more of Eleanor Bennett at
04/24/13, Four Photos

Kate Berwanger:
Kate Berwanger struggles to write biographies in third person, but adores writing broody fiction and fostering dogs (particularly boxers). She is painfully near-sighted and currently lives in Seattle, Washington. Visit her at
05/01/15, Birds & Bees

Folly Blaine:
Folly Blaine is a writer living in Seattle, Washington. Although she grew up near Los Angeles, her only brush with fame was sharing an armrest with Viggo Mortensen at an Argentinean ballet. He seemed nice. Technically she was also an extra in a music video, but we don’t talk about that. Folly’s work has appeared in Every Day Fiction and 10Flash Quarterly, and will be part of a new anthology Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations scheduled for release in March 2012. You can find her online at her writing blog, Maybe It Was the Moonshine.
01/19/12, The Hero Garden

Jenny Bohatch:
As a superstitious child, Jenny Bohatch once asked for a sign from the spirits while using a Ouija board. Her Magic 8-Ball promptly fell off a nearby bookcase.
06/11/12, In Search of a Good Séance

Henry Brasater:
Henry Brasater served with the United States Army Security Agency in Asmara, Eritrea. As a civilian he was a radio-television newsman before going into academia. Brasater’s Ph.D. is in Rhetoric & Public Address. He has taught at various colleges and universities, including Cairo University as a Fulbright Senior Lecturer. Brasater’s stories are published in ezines, print anthologies and magazines. His novel, Upheaval, is published by Spanking Pulp Press. A nonfiction book, A. E. van Vogt: Science Fantasy’s Icon, is available from Booklocker. Henry Brasater lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
04/23/14, Bloody Broadhorn

R.R. Brooks:
Robert R. Brooks (R.R. Brooks) served time in the drug industry, seeking a true love potion until he was fired for untoward behavior.  Now he writes (see his epic fantasy novel Justi the Gifted from, bless them, Leo Publishing).  He’s published shorts and now writes more shorts and novels as a member of underground writing groups (the Appalachian Round Table, the Brevard Authors Guild, and the N.C. Writers Network).  He harbors two cats and lurks on Facebook and Amazon while seeking transcendence.
02/25/16, To Believe or Not

Tony Wayne Brown:
USAF veteran Tony Wayne Brown’s work has appeared in over forty publications, including The Huffington Post, Birmingham Arts Journal, and Bartleby Snopes. His nefarious plan is total domination of the literary world by creating subliminal messages in his stories that compel readers to love every word he writes.
11/01/12, For Mama
03/07/13, Eating Out
05/07/14, The Hero
12/08/15, A Christmas Present, Past, and Future

Cathy Bryant:
Cathy Bryant only started submitting her poems and stories to prove to her best friend, who kept nagging her to submit them, that no one would want to publish them… she was wrong! Her poetry collection, Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature, came out recently (Puppywolf) and she co-edited Best of Manchester Poets vols. 1, 2 and 3. Cathy’s won a shedload of competitions including the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Prize in 2012. Her poems and stories been published all over the world and yes, she has bought her best friend a drink or two. Cathy lives in Manchester, UK. See more at
07/04/13, Paradise Modified

Glendaliz Camacho:
Glendaliz Camacho studied English literature at Fordham University, and her writing has appeared in DTM Magazine, Miami New Times, The Acentos Review and Whistling Shade, among others. She is also an alum of the Voices of Our Nations Arts (VONA) summer workshops. Camacho knits, struggles with speaking Italian and working out when she’s not yelling for someone to please fill the ice cube trays after they use them.
01/10/13, Eva

R.C. Capasso:
R.C. Capasso loves classic horror (The Turn of the Screw, Maupassant’s Le Horla, The Haunting of Hill House) and believes in many unseen things. So far, despite visits to promising sites, no first-hand encounters, unless you count the times a cat stares fixedly into a corner for no apparent reason. But there is always hope. R. C. enjoys writing any kind of fiction or nonfiction; recent publications appeared in A Long Story Short, Black Heart Magazine, Fabula Argentea, Bewildering Stories and here at INfective INk.
10/31/13, Death Patrol
03/12/14, Judith
09/27/16, Sisters

Bryan Carrigan:
Bryan Carrigan hasn’t quite figured out what his biography should say. He’ll get back to you with more, later.
05/08/12, Allegedly

Shenoa Carroll-Bradd:
Shenoa Carroll-Bradd lives in Southern California with her brother and dancing dog. she writes whatever catches her fancy, from horror to fantasy and erotica. Join her fanpage at or say hello on Twitter @ShenoaSays.
02/11/14, Spending My Time

Salena Casha:
Salena Casha’s work has appeared in over twenty publications but she’d give up every one of them to see another live Coldplay concert (except for the short story published in Infective Ink for The Affair theme). She enjoys drinking coffee, preferably made for her, while rewriting the future. Follow her on twitter @salaylay_c
02/15/12, Still Life
01/03/13, Found Wanting

R.L. Cherry:
R.L. Cherry began writing fiction when he was in high school in the form of short stories. Most were of a futuristic/sci-fi theme. Although he never actively pursued having them published at the time, he has had several in ezines lately. He has written a column on classic cars and hot rods for The Union newspaper in Grass Valley, CA, for over six years [as Ron Cherry]. He has two books available, Christmas Cracker, which has SoCal P.I. Morg Mahoney solving a case of kidnapping and murder in Northern England, and Foul Shot, the story of Chicago Police detective Vince Bonelli and the woman who rips through his life with passion and issues that threaten to destroy him and all he holds dear. Find him at
06/10/13, My Mother Never Said…

Jane Chisnall:
Jane Chisnall loves the characters she writes about, even though for the most part they are nutsbananas-crazyglue insane. As well as having work appear at the magnificent Infective Ink, she has a story forthcoming at the marvellous Bewildering Stories.
03/25/13, A Love Like No Other
04/04/13, They Are Out to Get Me

Gio Clairval:
Gio Clairval is an Italian-born writer who has lived most of her life in Paris and is now haunting Scotland. Her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Weird Tales, Daily Science Fiction, Postscripts, and elsewhere. Her pet, a giant pike, has followed Gio from their childhood home on Lake Como to the Seine River and has now become the terror of the North Sea, although he fiercely dislikes salt water.
01/14/14, Red Apple

Dave Clark:
Dave Clark was born in Essex and lives in Cambridge, though his stories are mostly set in Brighton, Swansea and London, and occasionally outer space. He has written one (unpublished) novel and numerous short stories. His stories have also appeared in the charity anthologies 50 Stories for Pakistan and 100 Stories for Queensland.
07/26/15, Everybody’s Perfect Childhood

Gary Clifton:
Gary Clifton, forty years a cop, has been shot at, shot, stabbed, lied to and about, and frequently misunderstood. He is now retired to a dusty north Texas ranch where he doesn’t much care if they keep school or not.
07/17/12, Bustout
09/24/12, Patients and Inmates
02/07/13, Bug Eyed Monsters
04/22/13, Double Down
06/07/13, Near Miss
07/11/13, MEG
09/09/13, Crosscut
09/09/16, Saving Kelsey

Deirdre Coles:
Deirdre Coles is fairly certain she was invented by a forward-thinking group of cold viruses who wanted a cozy place to hang out from September through June. In between sneezes, she has written stories for Infective Ink, Every Day Fiction, Free Flash Fiction, MicroHorror, and Kazka Press Fantasy Flash Fiction.
06/30/13, Sisterhood
02/07/14, Sick Day

Ted Conti, Jr.:
Ted Conti, Jr. continues to reside from 8 to 4 Monday through Friday in the insurance industry. He has a new job and is helping people better understand the claims process. He just hopes someone can explain it to him someday. In between phone calls, e-mails, and preparing spreadsheets and reports, Ted’s mind wanders out into the cosmos looking for stories to tell. He tells those stories with the help of a nifty laptop, a copy of Scrivener, lots of Rush, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Tool, Porcupine Tree and other loud music. He knows though, that he is nothing with his family, dogs, cats, and beer fridge.
02/06/12, Straight Down the Middle
09/15/12, Straight Down the Middle, Part II

Bob Cornell:
Bob Cornell has been married to the same girl for 49 years. He is a college graduate. He has two daughters that live in the same general vicinity who have produced three inspiring grandchildren. He has written 6 non-fiction books which have not been published and has written for local newspapers. He loves to write and hopes that his stories are well enjoyed.
02/18/11, The Wrath of the Zombies
02/15/11, The Skirt
01/21/11, The Wrath of the Zombies

Melodie Corrigall:
Melodie Corrigall is an eclectic Canada writer who now is able to write what and when she will as it is not longer necessary to make money from her creations. She has the good fortune to have come upon this free time at the moment that the web has burst out with so many admirable on-line publications. Hats off to all those who are making this possible, also not getting rich off their efforts.
02/25/14, For the Love of a Leg
03/03/16, And You Are?

David Court:
David Court was born and resides in the Midlands, UK with his patient wife Tara and his three less patient cats. When not reading, drinking real ale, writing software for a living or practicing his poorly developed telekinetic skills, he can be found writing fiction and has had a number of short stories published in anthologies including Fear’s Accomplice, Terror at the Beach and Caped along with contributions to the Twisted Dark and Twisted Sci-fi series of graphic novels. He’s written two anthology collections, The Shadow Cast By The World and Forever and Ever, Armageddon and will be releasing a third, Scenes of Mild Peril, in 2016.
04/04/16, The Revengineers

Nathan Cromwell:
Nathan Cromwell writes to invoke his demons, not exorcise them, and he wants to invite you to his party. So far his demons just tell him to get his act together, and no one shows up to his parties, ever. You can find out a little more about Nathan at
08/25/14, The Return
12/05/15, The True Meaning Of Christmas Finds Frankie (I Know What You’re Thinking, Read It Anyway)

Theresa Daskalakis:
Theresa Daskalakis has no idea why anyone would want to know more about her and her writing. Born fully attitudinal and hailing from the borough of Queens, N.Y., most of her past life remains a mystery. She is rarely seen in public and never talks about where her inspiration comes from. The little that is known about her is even questionable as she frequently lies. Public records indicate she is currently spending an abnormally long time at Antioch University in Los Angeles, pursuing her B.A. degree in Creative Writing. It is unlikely she will graduate.
05/03/13, Pulse

Holly Day:
Holly Day is a housewife and mother of two living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her poetry has recently appeared in Hawai’i Pacific Review, The Oxford American, and Slipstream. Her book publications include Music Composition for Dummies, Guitar-All-in-One for Dummies, and Music Theory for Dummies, which has recently been translated into French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.
11/29/11, The Scent of My Dreams, also available in audio at

Jackie Davis Martin:
Jackie Davis Martin divides her life (so far) into thirds: childhood in Pennsylvania, parenthood in New Jersey, maturation, of sorts, in California. Her vocation of teaching literature has consistently blurred into the avocation of reading and writing. Jackie presently teaches at City College of San Francisco, a city where she and her husband pursue – almost relentlessly – the plethora of arts and scenery that the Bay Area affords. A memoir, Surviving Susan, was published in 2012.
09/29/15, Summer Sub

Chris Deal:
Chris Deal writes from Huntersville, North Carolina. He enjoys frying plantains: add a little touch of salt and some brown sugar and bam, delicious. Find him online at
01/18/11, The Song

Chris Dean:
A native of Cicero, Illinois, Chris Dean heard plenty of ribald Capone stories growing up. Traveling in the American west, Chris has worked as a gold miner, truck driver, concert promoter, and sales manager. Currently Chris farms near Chicago; when cold hits it’s off to Nevada for the poker tournaments.
11/09/15, The White Monkey

Rayne Debski:
Rayne Debski’s short fiction has appeared in various on-line and print publications. She lives in a town on the Appalachian Trail with her husband and two dogs, all of whom own her heart. She has a pair of hiking poles, a kayak, and a bicycle and is happiest when she can use at least one of them during the day.
06/23/15, A Mother’s Tale

Cassandra Delaney:
Cassandra Delaney is a member of the Delmar Writer’s Group. Her work has been published in * 82 Review and Pear Noir. She has an MA in Counseling from New Mexico State University. She lives in upstate NY with her husband and two elderly cats. It’s been years since she’s done anything illegal.
03/15/14, One Foot in the Grave

Edmund De Santis:
Edmund De Santis wrote mainly for the theatre for many years, but recently turned to fiction and is exhilarated by not having the strictures placed on him by the form of the play. He is the author of many plays that have been produced across the United States. Several have been published, including Making Peter Pope, The Language of Kisses and the award winning Recensio. His short story, “Johnny My Love” is being published in the upcoming issue of Evening Street Review. He was born in the Midwest some time in the twentieth century, but has spent most of his life in New York City. He currently lives with two cats. He received a B.A. from Miami University and an M.A. in Theatre and Film from Hunter College.
06/14/12, Out of Body

Brandon Diaz:
Brandon Diaz is an Oakland based fiction writer and a graduate of the San Francisco State University Creative Writing program. After a journalistic stint with the online music magazine,, Diaz began teaching Creative Writing, and is set to become the editor-in-chief of the short fiction anthology AuntieChrist. He is an avid reader, and loves to write prose poetry and flash-fiction.
02/24/12, To Howl

Chris Doerner:
Chris Doerner has been at different times in his life, a consultant for folks with disabilities, a free-lance videographer, an Indie film producer and most recently, an antiques and collectibles auctioneer.  He vowed two years ago to return to creative writing and has been hacking away at it ever since.
01/12/12, Superhero (ret.)

Matthew Eaton:
Matthew Eaton labors pitifully along the beautiful Monterey Bay, toiling under gorgeous conditions and fantastic weather in the den of his own imagination and with tears crying blood. That’s right, he’s so writerly his tears weep blood, that’s how dedicated he is to the craft. He has a few pieces scattered along the interwebs, and pounds his head against the keys in spasm like fashion to update his blog, (he doesn’t promise it makes sense, he just promises to keep the kids off his lawn).
02/28/14, Eastern Boys and Dragon Girls

Josh English:
Josh English lives in the Great Metropolitan Rainforest with his wife and ghost of a cat. He writes about math, religion, writing, code, education, and lifting heavy things at
12/30/13, Iterations

Skeeter Enright:
Skeeter Enright is the pen name of a collector of experiences, high school science teacher, former scientific researcher, and freelance writer. She lives in the house she built on her farm, which includes the world’s cutest donkey and a confused pig. See more of her at her website.
08/19/13, Cannonade

W.K. Erwin:
W.K. Erwin is an unpublished novelist with aspirations toward being a great short story author. He works at a cemetery, so the grim and the dark come naturally to him. He was a reporter for a small town newspaper for a number of years and is a published nonfiction author. He’s written in every genre from straight fiction to horror, to fantasy and science fiction. He’s most comfortable writing about characters on the fringe of society.
04/30/14, The Bells at Myron McCord

Dan Evon:
Dan Evon has been a professional writer for the last seven years but still hasn’t figured out how to write a good short bio. He’s from Chicago, went to school in New Orleans, and is currently drinking (no matter what time you’re reading this) a cup of coffee. He’s also the author of the Flash Fiction Daily.
06/22/14, A Perfect Match

James Fadeley:
James Fadeley is a nerd and proud of it. Aside from professional writing, he is a gamer and a programmer. Fadeley has published a number of pieces, check him out on his author page on Amazon.
01/24/14, Chivalrous Intentions

E.W. Farnsworth:
E. W. Farnsworth lives and writes obsessively about the human condition in sunny Arizona! Find out more at
01/08/16, All Conquering Comma
09/15/16, Under Light Flowers

Shana Figueroa:
Shana Figueroa is currently an officer in the United States Air Force and is stationed in Ohio with her husband and two young daughters. She writes fiction in her spare time, with the goal of one day becoming a full-time author. Figueroa’s work has been published in the Duffel Blog, an online humorous fake news outlet, and in the e-zine Inner Sins.
01/31/13, You Should Not Have Asked

Richard Flores IV:
Richard Flores IV is a writer of Speculative Fiction living in Vacaville, California. He has been published in Cygnus Journal and Liquid Imagination Online. His novel Dissolution of Peace will be released in September 2012. Richard fits writing around raising his three young boysand posting mildly amusing jokes on Facebook and Twitter. He also enjoys working out. That last sentence is not true, but he insisted it be put in this bio. For more about Richard Flores IV, visit
09/03/12, Miles to Go

James Freeze:
James Freeze is 69 years old and retired, married to the same woman for 51 years with no regrets.
07/06/15, The 8th Chapter

Olivia Friedman:
Olivia Friedman is an avid reader who enjoys stories that weave together darkness, romance and elements of folklore. She loves the character of Saul in I Samuel, appreciates anyone working through an internal struggle or conflict, and believes that life is to be lived passionately and determinedly. When she’s not writing stories, she teaches Jewish Texts to grades 7-12 in Rockville, MD. She can be contacted at thecoruscation (at)
04/19/14, The Angel

Charles Frierman:
Charles Frierman lives in Ocoee, Florida with lovely wife, Blue, and their 12 pets. He has always been a huge fan of stories, whether listening to them, telling them, writing them, and ,of course, reading them. He currently has taken advantage of that passion and when he’s not writing stories, he’s telling them to the kids at the local library. Seeing the kids passion for tales at storytime has only fueled Charles’ desire to write further.
04/16/16, Linny and the Dwarf

A.E. Gagner:
A.E. Gagner is a fantasy writer living in the wilds of New Jersey. She is equal parts ink, rain, chocolate, caffeine, and bacon. She is currently working on her first novel and can be found at, or on Twitter @ae_gagner.
02/18/16, Doll Face

Janet Garber:
Janet Garber’s recently been released from bondage – 30 years – okay, mostly she loved it – and been set free in the supply cabinet among the pencils, pens and printer cartridges to do her worst. She lives on the outskirts of NYC with hubby #2 (a keeper!), two cats and whichever children happen to be visiting at the moment. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in Minerva Rising, Bohemia Art and Literary Journal and Writing Tomorrow among others. Be sure to visit her online.
07/22/15, The Memory Box

J.L. deGarie:
J. L. deGarie’s bucket list includes running a marathon, learning to make home-brewed beer, and being nominated for either a Hugo or a Nebula award (or both!). You can find J. L. online at Don’t forget to download J.L.’s short story collection: The Devil Went Down to Iowa and Other Stories.
12/27/11, The Devil Went Down to Iowa

Kevin Z. Garvey:
Kevin Z. Garvey’s fiction has appeared here at InfectiveINk, Thuglit, Shotgun Honey and other publications. In addition to writing, Garvey is an award winning combat sports ring announcer and is a member of the NJ State Martial Arts Hall of Fame. You can visit him on the web at
11/07/13, Privacy Night
05/21/14, Day Shift
06/02/16, Zvengali

Chaitali Gawade:
Chaitali Gawade is a content writer for an online publishing house by day. At night, she is an aspiring writer fueled by tea and coffee.
02/22/12, Dear Diary

Mark F. Geatches:
Mark has a Master’s Degree in trumpet performance from Florida State University and loves music of all kinds. After performing for several years, including a three year stint in Germany, he entered the business world. He built two small businesses before beginning a new chapter in his life; Mark now builds fiction. As he nudges his creativity and ambition in a new direction, music remains his constant companion. Mark finds music and writing the perfect mental connection; the nexus of focus and inspiration. Mark’s fiction has been published in Romance Magazine, Cowboy Poetry Press, Faith Hope and Fiction, and here at INfective INk.
10/07/15, Last Supper

Sue Gerrard:
Addicted to writing in all styles, Sue Gerrard performs her own work and has recently directed her own ghost story, The Pale Boy. Visit her online at
12/20/15, The Christmas Caroles

Nancy Gibson:
Nancy Gibson is an old lady with a wild imagination. She writes short stories about djinns, angels, leprechauns, cajun mystics, and talking furniture. When she’s not writing she’s one of the “ladies that lunch.” Gibson lives in rural Arkansas, near Hot Springs, with her three cats and three dogs.
01/24/13, The Djinn

Walter Giersbach:
Walter bounces between writing genres, from mystery to humor, speculative fiction to romance. His work has appeared in print and online in over a score of publications. Two volumes of short stories, Cruising the Green of Second Avenue, are available at Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers. He’s also bounced from Fortune 500 firms to university posts, and from homes in eight states and to a couple of Asian countries.
11/14/13, The Psychic In the WalMart Parking Lot
04/09/14, Call Him Lucky
10/10/14, Does Mom Have to Go?
05/16/15, Why Benny Three Sticks Is Still a Virgin
09/05/15, The Train is Coming
12/30/15, Next Christmas, Last Christmas

A.W. Gifford:
A.W. Gifford is an internationally unknown author who gets many of his story ideas from the nightmares of his wife, Jennifer. She too is an author of dark fiction, but she refuses to write her own nightmares as she fears doing so will make them come true. Story ideas also come to him from his dogs, the dust bunnies under the bed and one very helpful garden gnome. He is an editor at Bête Noire Magazine and Dark Opus Press and his work has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies and was once spotted stalking the woods of the Pacific Northwest. He, on the other hand, can be found stalking the woods in the northern suburbs of Detroit, while his wife and daughter huddle in the warmth of the house with their two dogs and the aforementioned dust bunnies.
03/25/16, In the Hour of My Death

Diane D. Gillette:
Diane D. Gillette has an MFA from Emerson College, a day job teaching some really great students, and two demanding cats. Her short fiction has appeared in such journals as Hobart, Sniplits, Inch, flashquake, and The Molotov Cocktail. She is also an Assistant Managing Editor at Chicago Quarterly Review. When she is not busy enjoying Chicago with the love of her life, she is hard at work on her first novel. For more of her work or to contact her, please visit
03/31/12, Unmatched

Joseph Giordano:
Joe Giordano was born in Brooklyn. He and his wife, Jane, lived in Greece, Brazil, Belgium and Netherlands. They now live in Texas with their little Shih Tzu, Sophia.
01/28/13, Be Careful What You Ask For

Olga Godim:
Olga is a freelance writer and journalist from Vancouver, Canada. Her short stories have been published in multiple internet and print magazines. Her fantasy novels, Almost Adept, and Eagle En Garde were released in 2014 by Champagne/Burst. In 2015, Eagle En Garde won an EPIC eBook Award in the Fantasy category.
03/21/16, Hidden In the Mirror
09/21/16, Trailing Trolls

Ken Goldman:
Ken Goldman, former Philadelphia teacher of English and Film Studies, is an affiliate member of the Horror Writers Association. He has homes on the Main Line in Pennsylvania and at the Jersey shore. His stories have appeared in over 765 independent press publications in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia with over thirty due for publication in 2015. Since 1993 Ken’s tales have received seven honorable mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. He has written five books : three anthologies of short stories, You Had Me At ARRGH!! (Sam’s Dot Publishers), Donny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (A/A Productions) and Star-Crossed (Vampires 2); and a novella, Desiree (Damnation Books). His first novel, Of A Feather (Horrific Tales Publishing) was released in January 2014.
11/02/15, Fat Chance
07/07/16, Star-Crossed

Eric Gonzalez:
Eric Gonzalez is an international Aid worker, traveling the world seeking understanding, creating new definitions of sin and devoting his time and mind to making the world a better place. While he’s at it he likes to write; he has not published extensively, mostly because he likes to write more then he likes to publish.
02/13/12, The Light

Janett Grady:
Janett Grady, a talented and well known author from Palmer Alaska, passed away on January 6th, 2013. Her writing has appeared in magazines, anthologies, and on websites all over the States, and in a few magazines based in Canada and the United Kingdom.
06/02/13, Not Your Horsy Kind of Girl

Camille Griep:
Camille Griep lives and writes near Seattle, Washington. Her work has been featured in online and print journals such as Every Day Fiction, The First Line, and Treehouse, among others, and is forthcoming in the genre anthologies Blaze of Glory (Song Story Press) and Witches, Stitches, & Bitches (Evil Girlfriend Media). When not hard at work on an obligatory first novel, Camille can be feeding neighborhood cats masquerading as strays, conquering her fear of car washes, and embellishing perfectly good recipes.
09/02/13, Kilby

J.D. Hager:
J.D. Hager inhabits Northern California with one wife and a few other animals. He spends his days working undercover as a middle school science teacher, and his nights going to bed early and hogging the blankets. His stories have appeared at Bartleby Snopes, Hobart, Jersey Devil Press, and lots of other places. Fun fact #1: many of his stories are written on the backs of detention slips. Fun fact #2: his life goal is to one day perfect the art of combining a daily nap with the nearest beach. Find out more at
09/22/15, Hang In There Mister Z

Judy Hall:
Judy Hall is a teacher in New Jersey and MFA candidate at William Paterson University. Her work has been published in Rose Red Review, Linguistic Erosion and other nationally published literary magazines. She is currently writing a novel about a mother’s struggle to deal with her ten year old son’s bipolar disorder. It is based on her own experience. For more about her work, visit
08/05/13, Tempo Blue

Michael Harris Cohen:
Michael Harris Cohen keeps trying to write fiction that his delicate mother won’t cringe when she reads and keeps failing at it better and better. He’s a recipient of a Fulbright grant, fellowships from the Djerassi Foundation, The Jentel Artist’s Residency, The Blue Mountain Center, and the Modern Grimmoire Literary Prize as well as Mixer Publishing’s Sex, Violence and Satire prize. He is a graduate of Brown University’s MFA program where he received the Weston Award for best graduate fiction manuscript. He has published numerous stories, both online and in print, and his first book, The Eyes – A Novella and Stories was blurbed by Brian Evenson, Robert Coover and Stephen Graham Jones. He also slept in the bathroom at the Louvre for several hours. It’s a lovely bathroom.
09/08/15, We Don’t Know You but We Know You

Matthew Harrison:
Matthew Harrison lives in Hong Kong, and whether because of that or some other reason entirely his writing has veered from non-fiction to literary and he is currently reliving a boyhood passion for science fiction. He has published numerous SF short stories and is building up to longer pieces as he learns more about the universe. Matthew is married with two children but no pets as there is no space for these in Hong Kong. Find out more, and pick up Matthew’s long fiction at,
08/18/14, A Consumer’s Rights
09/15/15, The Experiment
11/16/15, Wrong Way Round
05/25/16, Timeslip
06/10/16, True to Yourself

James Hartley:
James Hartley is a former computer programmer. Originally from northern New Jersey, he now lives in sunny central Florida. He has published two fantasy novels, The Ghost of Grover’s Ridge and Magic Is Faster Than Light and has two more, “Teen Angel” and “Cop With a Wand,” due out soon. He has had stories published in the “Desolate Places”, “Strange Mysteries 1,2,&3”, “Book of Exodi,” “Christmas in Outer Space,” and Free Range Fairy Tales” anthologies, and in various e-zines and print magazines. He is currently working on a new novel, “Magic to the Rescue.” He is a member of IWOFA and the Dark Fiction Guild. Visit him at
12/13/11, The Late Night Ghost

Jeanne M. Haskin:
Jeanne M. Haskin @jeannehaskin is a serial Tweep on Twitter, but only at ungodly hours. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband and two teddy bears and is the creator of Eebil Authors on Eebil Island, where writers in pajamas poke fun at the craft of writing and barbeque plot bunnies. If she reviews your entry and writes “Meanie!” assume you’re an Eebil Author. If she writes it more than three times, you might just be the Debble. Her newest fantasy novel, Love, War and Magic, is too sad and too silly, not to mention romantic.
01/27/11, How to Rent to a Virgin

Shay Hatten:
As an aspiring writer, Shay Hatten has written three novels, several screenplays, and dozens of short stories. One such short story was recently published on, and a screenplay, titled Another Life, currently resides on Amazon Studio’s, Notable Projects list. As well as an avid reader and aspiring writer, Hatten is an active environmentalist and has taken multiple trips to Mexico to aid in Sea Turtle conservation. More information can be found at
04/18/13, Beating

Aaron Z. Hawkins:
Aaron Z. Hawkins is a robot, programed by a handful of the best and laziest computer science majors to smash a keyboard repeatedly for hours a day. His programmers say he loves long walks on the beach, but love may be too strong of a descriptor for a robot. His work has not appeared in Tin House, The Cincinnati Review, or Ploughshares, but smashing away at the keyboard is all he knows.
05/13/13, A Mother’s Love

Russell Hemmell:
Russell Hemmell is a statistician and social scientist from the U.K, who is passionate about astrophysics and speculative fiction. Find his stories in, Not One of Us, SQ Mag, Strangelet and others.
08/02/16, The Laughing Yokai

Grace Hertenstein:
Grace Hertenstein is a graduate of the New School in New York City. She draws inspiration from such writers as as Junot Diaz, George Orwell, and Flannery O’Connor. Grace tends to write about secrets and dark corners, jealousy and humility, strange beginnings and bittersweet endings, and enjoys tackling her work from different angles and different points of view. She hopes someday to write from the rooftop of a houseboat somewhere in a moderate clime. Her work has appeared in Sleet Magazine, Ozone Park, Midway Journal, Inkapture, The Wayfarer, and in the anthology The Gothic Blue Book (the Haunted Issue). She is currently at work on a novel.
02/18/14, The Gift

Brittney D. Herz:
Brittney D. Herz currently works as a Library Manager in Ocean City. She also runs a local literary online magazine,, and an educational blog called, When she’s not reading or writing she’s playing with my daughter, drinking a delicious hot beverage, or crafting something useless. Find her on and on her website!
08/11/14, Change of Heart
10/17/15, With A Little Help
01/20/16, Just A Visit

Gary Hewitt:
Gary Hewitt is a raconteur who lives in a quaint little village in Kent. He has written two novels which are currently being edited. His writing does tend to veer away from what you might expect. He has had many short stories published as well as the occasional poem. He enjoys both writing prose and poetry. His style of writing tends to feature edgy characters and can be extremely dark. Some of his influences are James Herbert, Stephen King, Bulgakov, Tolkein to name but a few. He is also a proud member of the Hazlitt Arts Centre Writers group in Maidstone which features an eclectic group of very talented writers.
02/04/14, A Crow’s Feast

Matt Hlniak:
Matt Hlinak is the author of “DoG” (Rooster Republic 2012) and several works of short fiction. He holds an MFA from Northwestern University, as well as a law degree from the University of Illinois. By day, he is an administrator and teacher at Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. By night, his wife and daughters tolerate his writing addiction.
08/21/15, Abiding by the Rules

Lynne Hinkey:
Lynne Hinkey is a marine scientist by training, a writer by passion, and a curmudgeon by nature. Her first novel, Marina Melee, follows the misadventures of ne’er-do-well George as he searches for the easy life on a tropical-island. In her second novel, Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons, Jack Halliman is one of two murder suspects, the other is the chupacabra. Is the monster real or myth? Dog only knows, but no one is asking him. Both are published by Casperian Books. When not writing, Lynne swims, golfs, and runs agility with her dogs. Visit her at
07/21/14, Golf Goes On

Davis Horner:
Davis Horner studied elves at Furman University. He became a writer as a young man, quit in disgust to become a musician, and now is writing again. He has had stories placed recently at Scrutiny, Foliate Oak, Gravel, and Furious Gazelle. He lives in Greenville SC with his wife and two cats. His wife and one of the cats are internationally famous. He is not.
11/30/2015, Lynette’s Hair Is Missing

A.J. Huffman:
A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has previously published six collections of poetry all available on She has also published her work in numerous national and international literary journals. She is the editor for six online poetry journals for Kind of a Hurricane Press. Find more about A.J. Huffman, including additional information and links to her work on Facebook and Twitter @Poetess222.
07/15/13, My Cell Phone Stole My Boyfriend

Katherine Indovina:
Katherine Indovina spends a lot of time sleeping. When she is not sleeping, she tries to find out how to turn sleeping into a profitable business venture. Until then, Katherine hides in a scary basement. In the basement, she writes and curses the gods for bestowing her with narcolepsy. Her first novel, The Definitive Guide to Rochester New York is now available, and she is working on her next book with Pro Se Press. Keep up with her at
08/09/12, Love Letter to Tommy

Phillip Irving:
Phillip Irving is an English teacher from the East Midlands in the UK, and a member of the Speculators writing group. He dabbles in all manner of speculative fiction, and once in a while writes something he think that other people may want to actually read. In his own time he writes stories, reads stories, plays stories and watches stories. When that’s not keeping him busy he spends time with his girlfriend and/or his cats.
12/19/13, Those Things We Cannot Change

Paul Jenner:
Paul Jenner is a 32 year old teacher living and working in Sheffield, England. He has been teaching math for nearly a decade and has recently decided to try his hand at writing short fiction, in-between changing his new son’s diapers and shaping the mathematical minds of tomorrow. Paul Jenner is constantly fearful that robots will develop to the point where they can do his job, hence the subject of the story. Find him at
25/07/13, I Remember

Seth Johnson:
Between the grind of oil rigs and grading essays, Seth Johnson is trying to earn his PhD from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He has no other publications, yet, but the rejection slips at least deliver a dollar menu degree of authentic (but optimistically malnutritious) sustenance.
03/15/12, Neighborhood Watch

Nick Johns:
Nick Johns doesn’t go anywhere much. He can’t get Google map directions from his start point; since for the past two years he has lived in retirement.
07/31/12, Against All Odds

Nick Johnson:
Nick’s work has appeared in a number of publications including; Skive magazine, Sleepy Town Press, Third Flatiron Publishing, and the award-winning Crooked Cat Publishing in the United Kingdom. His stories are his attempt to address the sickness called the human condition. His work can be found at
04/12/16, Legs

Rebecca Jones-Howe:
Rebecca Jones-Howe quit university to pursue of her dream of writing dirty stories with “literary” merit. Her work has appeared in L’Allure des Mots and Solarcide, among others. She lives in Kamloops, British Columbia, and can be stalked online at
07/24/12, Quarter Tank of Gas

Ericka Kahler:
Ericka Kahler has lived in eight states, all of them progressively further north. At this rate her nursing home will be above the Arctic Circle, even though she really HATES snow. She has worked in fields ranging from radio to construction to law to finance. Once she escaped the cult she began writing and editing. Read more from her at and
12/27/12, The Essence of Revenge
12/06/13, Never Before

Leah Kaminsky:
Leah Kaminsky is a short story writer and budding novelist from Austin, TX… “budding” meaning “yet to complete her first novel but really would like to one day.” She received her MFA in Fiction Writing from the University of Washington in 2009. She has placed three times in Glimmer Train top 25 lists and was nominated for inclusion in Best New American Voices, 2008. Her work has appeared on the Rumpus, Pindedlyboz and her mother’s fridge right next to that picture of bath time circa 1987. She is a big fan and producer of short-shorts and comics, which she posts semi-regularly on her website, She is often profound, but only when there’s nothing better to do.
11/29/12, And How the Algae Twines

Margaret Karmazin:
Margaret Karmazin’s credits include 130 stories published in literary and national magazines, including Rosebud, Chrysalis Reader, North Atlantic Review, Potomac Review, Confrontation, Mobius, Absent Willow Review, Pennsylvania Review and Wild Violet. Her stories in The MacGuffin, Eureka Literary Magazine, Licking River Review and Words of Wisdom were nominated for Pushcart awards and Piper’s Ash, Ltd. published a chapbook of her sci-fi, COSMIC WOMEN. Her story, “The Manly Thing,” was nominated for the 2010 Million Writers Award. She helped write the introduction for and has a story included in STILL GOING STRONG, stories in TEN TWISTED TALES, PIECES OF EIGHT (AUTISM ACCEPTANCE), ZERO GRAVITY, COVER OF DARKNESS and CIRCLING URANUS and a novel, REPLACING FIONA, published by
01/17/12, Run
02/07/16, It’s Taken Care Of

Sharon M. Kennedy:
Sharon M. Kennedy lives in Brimley, a small country town on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After teaching English Composition for a few years at the college level, Sharon turned to her real love, writing. Her newspaper column, “Common Sense at 60,” appears in a number of local papers. Sometimes poignant, often amusing, her stories are a combination of present day observations and nostalgic glances at the past.
05/02/16, Dear Diary

M.Y. Kearney:
M.Y. Kearney lives in Alaska, where her aversion to being outside on frigid windy days leaves a lot of time for writing.
05/14/14, Keloid Love

Robert Kibble:
Robert Kibble has been writing for twenty years, off and on. When not writing, and not suffering the burden of a very much less creative day job, he is usually upset about the lack of a single Russian oligarch with a preference for recreating zeppelins over buying football teams, is accidentally collecting whisky, or ranting about the vagaries of modern life at
07/30/15, Detachment

Michelle Ann King:
Michelle Ann King was born in East London and now lives in Essex. She writes SF, dark fantasy and horror–probably due to a childhood spent reading Stephen King and watching zombie films. She has been a mortgage underwriter, supermarket cashier, makeup artist, tarot reader, and insurance claims handler before having the good fortune to be able to write full-time. Her work has appeared at Strange Horizons, Daily Science Fiction, and Drabblecast. Her short stories are being collected in the Transient Tales ebook series, and she is currently working on a paranormal crime novel. Find more details at:
03/09/12, They Do Things Better in Albuquerque
11/23/15, Jeanette’s Feast

Kish has walked the path that no one walks, he swim with crocodiles, rewires toasters and even dances with iguanas. He considers himself to be multicultural and an observer of the human psyche, he is multiple personalities, eccentric, shy, adventurous and drunk with life. He loves writing stories that delve into the emotions of the characters, this part of the story is where the adventure lies, where reader (and writers)  curiously walk in the characters shoes as the story evolves. He wishes the reader with a fun filled adventure with the characters of his stories. His episodic fiction can be found on his blog, DowntownLegends.
04/15/11, Survival
01/14/11, Lazarus

D. Krauss:
D. Krauss is a former military man currently residing in the Shenandoah Valley. He’s been, at various times: a cottonpicker, a sod buster, a surgical orderly, the guy who paints the little white line down the middle of the road, a weatherman, and a gun-totin’ door-kickin’ lawman. He’s been married over 38 years and has a wildman bass player for a son. See more at
05/23/13, Empty Nest Syndrome
08/26/13, Tapestry
24/10/13, Aspects of a Traditional Vampire and the Need to Dispatch Same

Evelyn Krieger:
Evelyn Krieger is a job juggler. She has worked as a ballet instructor, first grade teacher, middle school English teacher, learning specialist, freelance writer, homeschooling mom, and educational consultant. Her YA novel, One Is Not A Lonely Number, was named an honor book from the Association of Jewish Libraries. She considers herself a recovering perfectionist. Evelyn blogs on the Three Ps: Perfectionism, Productivity, and Parenthood at
06/25/13, The Ticket

Amy LaBonte:
Amy LaBonte is an abstract artist who also writes. She receives story twists from her friends, the dream author-itarians.
11/08/12, Final Landing

Jason Lairamore:
Jason Lairamore is a man seeking to become multitalented and self sufficient while remaining a perfect husband, a loving father of three children, and a medical professional.
04/16/12, Lost Dreams
05/06/12, Your Most Precious of Gifts

Maude Larke:
Maude Larke lives in France with the ghost of her last cat. Her credo is ‘never wear two things of the same color when hiking’. She has this bad habit of collecting things and getting antsy when people begin to touch the items in the collections. Especially the pebble collection. She thoroughly admits that she teaches as a day job out of sadism.
11/01/11, Dissonance
03/13/12, I’d Be So Thrilled
05/13/12, Subito
06/21/12, Fandom Awry
11/15/12, A Pardon of Sorts

Thao Le:
Thao Le loves reading books the old fashioned way where she can turn the pages, drinking a hot cup of tea, and frolicking with cats. Her boyfriend thinks she’s actually an 80 year old British woman who has bamboozled him into dating her. Her perfect day would be spent reading or writing in front of an open window with her cat, Mena, by her side.
08/05/16, Pig, Monkey, Fire

Fay Lee:
Australian Fay Lee always wanted to write science fiction. Following the adage that “the best sci-fi writers are engineers” has led to twenty years of work and study, with the result that she is still transitioning from her career to her passion. After a year of writing, she has had flash fiction published in Aurealis SF and short stories accepted by Angelic Knight Press and Musa Publishing’s Erato imprint.
11/21/13, Independence Day

Ginny Levy:
Ginny Levy is exploring the world.
06/12/13, Orphans

Russell Linton:
In the fourth grade, Russell Linton wrote down the vague goal of becoming a “writer and an artist” when he grew up. On a journey that led him from philosopher to graphic designer to stay at home parent and even a stint as a federal investigator, he finally got around to that “writing” part which he now pursues full time. Russell’s interests lie in speculative fiction of all varieties – as long as there is a bit of fantasy. He enjoys stories that allow readers to be lost in the possibilities long after they’ve read the last word and that merge the mundane with the fantastic. see more of him at
02/14/14, Tempest

Jodie Llewellyn:
Jodie Llewellyn holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from the University of the Sunshine Coast. A self-proclaimed travel nut, she has been sighted in such exotic locations as Greece, Morocco and Thailand. Jodie is currently writing her first novel, a dark urban fantasy set in Purgatory. See more at
02/20/12, Lumps and Bumps

Barb Lundy:
Barb Lundy is a hypnotherapist. She taught writing for many years at Denver area colleges. Her poetry appears in more than 70 journals, including work in JAMA, The Potomac Review and The MacGuffin. Barb was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2005. She is just beginning to write in the mystery genre.
05/20/12, River Falls

Stephanie Madan:
Stephanie Madan is a writer who found her bliss slowly, slogging first through loveless relationships with information systems, real estate development and law firms. She now writes a regular column ‘Just Desserts’ for My Table, a food-themed print magazine. She is the proud inventor of a patented food-heating system that, as far as she can tell, excites the admiration of nobody. Her writing specialty is sober reflection on times she has had every intention of behaving perfectly and has still managed to humiliate herself. How this works for a food magazine is complicated, but, then, isn’t everything?
09/16/13, Call Me Muttonchops

Wakefield Mahon:
Wakefield Mahon writes fiction in nearly every genre. His favorite stories lean toward the Rod Serling flavor of horror. As an avid reader and supporter of authors, he hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge, Motivation Monday, on his website, where he also posts music, video, poetry and whatever nonsense his muse insists on dragging from him.
07/10/12, Who’s In the Trunk?

C.S. Malerich:
C.S. Malerich grew up in New Jersey and relocated to the Washington, DC area to get a Master’s degree in Greek and Latin. Since then, she has worked in nonprofit offices and libraries, while in her off hours she supports local grassroots organizing through the Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association. Some of her speculative fiction has been published previously by Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy, Sorcerous Signals, The Again, and Ashland Creek Press. Her personal experience with weasels or dragons is lacking, but there are two rabbits and one other human in her apartment who seem to like her.
01/31/14, The Weasel and the Dragon

C.L. Malone:
C.L. Malone is a freelance writer and MFA grad who teaches creative writing at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA and at Grub Street, a nonprofit writer’s group in Boston, MA. My flash fiction will appear in an anthology Daily Flash 2013: 365 Days of Flash Fiction, published by Pill Hill Press, my poetry recently placed in the top 25 of the Writer’s Digest 2012 Seventh Annual Poetry Awards, and my fiction was recently published by Magic Cat Press, writer’ and the Lutheran Journal. Otherwise, my most significant accomplishment to date has been to ski Mt. Etna, a live, snow-capped volcano in Sicily.
05/28/12, The Sea Grape Inn

Joshua J. Mark:
Joshua J. Mark is a freelance writer with over twenty years experience who has lived in Greece and Germany and, presently, lives in upstate New York, USA with his family. His published works include `To Memory’ through Edge Piece Magazine, `Civil Serpents’ through Open Heart Publishing, `After the Funeral’ through Five Stop Stories, and `The Last Chance’ through Halfway Down The Stairs, as well as other stories through print and on-line. Mark is also a site moderator for and has been published in Ancient History Encyclopedia, where he writes primarily on Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt and Suite 101, writing on Ancient Philosophy and Ancient History. When not writing, Mark is traveling, usually with a neurotic white dog named Sophie with whom he explores old ruins.
12/20/11, Black Rose

A. Michael Marsh:
A. Michael Marsh writes Contemporary and Science Fiction, and occasionally delves into other genres. He has a degree in Computer Engineering and has been known to work in IT when writing doesn’t pay the bills, (which is often). Marsh has a life-long fascination with art, science, and spirituality, and feels that there are strong ties connecting the three. His first novel, The Red is now available. You can see more writing and updates on his website:
08/20/12, Virgin Sacrifice’s

Kyle Scot Martinez:
Kyle Scot Martinez shares his birthday with Shakespeare – April 23. He lives in NorCal with his Fiancée and two cats named Leonidas and Ophelia. He has been published in the Istanbul Literary Review, the Sacramento News and Review, Xenith Magazine, Free My Verse, Indiana Crime 2012, Down in the Dirt Magazine, and writes for CBS. Keep your eyes open for his upcoming novel entitled, Double Falcon. In the meantime, you can read his weekly blog Gigantic Cake.
01/05/12, Potatoes

Robert J. Mendenhall:
Robert J. Mendenhall is a retired police officer and a former Broadcast Journalist for the American Forces Network, Europe. He currently serves on active duty with the Wisconsin Air National Guard. An active member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, he writes in multiple genres including science fiction, crime and suspense, and horror. His short fiction has appeared in three STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS anthologies published by Pocket Books; NIGHT TERRORS ANTHOLOGY, by Kayelle Press; TO HELL IN A FAST CAR anthology by Dark Quest Books; and HORRORS OF HISTORY anthology by Fey Publishing. Visit his website at He lives outside Chicago with his wife and fellow writer, Claire. And many animals.
03/05/14, Unknown Soldier

Bonnie McCune:
Bonnie McCune credits her tenacity for the successes in her life. She has been writing since age ten, when she submitted a poem to the Saturday Evening Post (it was immediately rejected). Still she was determined to be a writer. This interest facilitated her career in nonprofits doing public and community relations and also in freelance news and features. Her community involvement includes grass-roots organizations, political campaigns, writers’ and arts’ groups, and children’s literacy. For years, she entered recipe contests and was a finalist once to the Pillsbury Cook Off. Her true writing passion is fiction, and her pieces have won several awards. For reasons unknown (an unacknowledged optimism?), she believes that one person can make a difference in this world. McCune lives in Colorado. Read more about her and her work at, and check out her romance novel, A Saint Comes Stumbling In as well!
02/17/12, An Afternoon at the Louvre
04/11/13, The Prophet

Tim McDaniel:
Tim McDaniel teaches English as a Second Language at Green River Community College, near Seattle, Washington. He’s taught at several other universities and colleges in the area, and also taught for ten years in Thailand, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and later as a lecturer at Khon Kaen University. Time has an impressive collection of plastic dinosaurs that in no way indicates immaturity, and has sold over 30 short stories — mostly comic in tone. His work has appeared in Asimov’s, F & SF, and several other magazines and anthologies.
03/25/12, Confidante

Catfish McDaris:
Catfish McDaris is an aging New Mexican living near Milwaukee. He has four walls, a ceiling, heat, food, a woman, two cats, a typing machine, and a mailbox. That’s enough for him. He writes for himself and sometimes he gets lucky and someone publishes his words. He remains his biggest fan. Pick up one (or all!) of Catfish’s collections!
02/02/11, New York City Digestion Blues
08/02/11, Jnxatio
03/28/13, Grading On the Curve

MaryAlice Meli:
MaryAlice Meli is a writer living in Steelers country, aka Pittsburgh. She is a former reading teacher and newspaper reporter. She earned a master’s degree in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University, Greensburg, Pa. Her flash fiction has appeared online at</>
01/19/14, Story Police

Bruce D. Millar:
Bruce D. Millar is an artist living and working out of Toronto, Canada, Bruce Millar writes everything from kid’s poetry to erotica, humorous stories, pungent jokes, musical parodies, meditation music, flash fiction, short stories and whatever else validates his parking. Bruce recently created a 100,000 word writing collection of the aforementioned styles with one hand and with the other hand amassed a 140 page collection of his black and white illustrations, oil drawings, photos, comics and humorous images, all at the same time. Bruce can be found on Twitter under the saucy moniker KissMyTweetAss, and has a youtube account as TheBruceDouglas.
08/16/11, Storm Crow Door

Alderon Minx:
Alderon Minx has been eating small pets for the last 10 years, and as such has been banned from the both the Humane Society and the ASPCA.
02/06/11, Teddy Bear
01/29/11, Afterlife
07/07/11, Seen Dead In

Wendell Mitchell:
Wendell Mitchell is probably the strongest writer in the world according to his two beautiful little girls. In addition to writing short stories, you can find him working on screenplays, novels (1 complete, 2 almost there), giving love advice, and scouring Craigslist for inspiration. If he can sell just one novel this year, it may help lower the unemployment rate.
02/21/14, Full Moon Kiss

Brenda Moguez:
Brenda Moguez foolishly said I do to a Brit, packed up what she couldn’t sell into a couple duffle bags and headed across the Atlantic. She found a sister in Dorothy, and thought London similar to OZ. Her larger than life-life, left her feeling anxious and elated, empowered and afraid, mostly she felt topsy turvy. To combat the extreme emotions that sweep through her body at least hourly, if not every other minute, she took to writing lengthy letters home on sheets of blue Par Avion paper. After running out of factoids to report, she took to making up stories. It was in the writing where she glimpsed an unknown dream. Much later, after catching a balloon ride back to the states, and settling into yet another chapter of her life, she realized she missed having a reason to write stories. She bought a journal, filled it, another, and another, and finally, she took up writing as a fulltime passion. She is currently shopping her first novel, and has started working on the second. She suggests if you are tinkering with the idea of writing to always—no matter what anyone says—to trust in your voice. Find her at
08/16/12, A Love Letter to Mae West

Catt Moran:
Catt is a writer of fiction and fantasy who likes to challenge the human condition, i.e., she likes to make her characters suffer. A resident of Portland, Maine, she is a lover of food and drink and writes restaurant reviews starring local eateries at When not writing, Catt works at her day job, parties on Twitter and spends time with her family, including the hungrygals – Abby and Josie. Catt is a member of the Backspace Writer’s Organization.
06/07/12, The Compromise

Jon Moray:
Jon Moray has been writing short stories for six years and has been published in several online and print markets. When not working and being a devoted husband and father, he enjoys playing basketball and training for marathons.
12/13/13, Back In Time
07/13/15, Forget Me Not

Laura Mortensen:
Laura Mortensen is currently working on her Masters in Teaching at City University in Bellevue, WA. She lives in Seattle with two cats and a boyfriend. Her hobbies include writing, table top roleplaying games, and trying to balance life with school. Laura hasn’t been published yet, but she will keep on trying. She has been in the same writing group for the past seven years. This story was inspired by a brief stint working for Cutco. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.
05/31/12, The Keenest Blade

John Mueter:
John Mueter is an educator, pianist, composer and writer. His short fiction has appeared in numerous literary journals. When he is not writing short stories he is busy dusting off his collection of Imari porcelain.
08/07/15, Fall From Grace

Shirley Muir:
Shirley Muir trained as a molecular biologist and is fascinated by bacteria, viruses, genes and genetic engineering. Now she lives by the sea near Edinburgh, Scotland, photographs the sea, the fire-streaked sky at sunset and the scavenging birds; she reads tarot cards and performs in historical re-enactments at Scottish medieval castles wearing a pointy hat and fifteenth century costume.
She writes short fiction, poetry and memoir and is a member of the North Berwick writers’ group whose members keep her grounded by telling her what they really think of her writing. Shirley’s not-very-secret ambition is to write science fiction about dastardly biological threats and their terrible consequences. She recently had a story published in an ezine about the dire effects of an email infection, not a bad start. Learn more at
08/29/16, Trouble In Coach B

Mary Pat Musick:
Mary Pat Musick lives and writes in Santa Cruz, CA. She was a gypsy until she discovered a land with artisan ice cream, chocolate, and wine. Now she takes breaks from sampling the native products to kayak in Monterey Bay and visit with otters and seals and pelicans, and sometimes the playful dauphins. Her short fiction and travel stories have appeared in several online and print magazines. She is not working on a novel.
11/15/11, Mud Season

David Neilsen:
David Neilsen has written short stories, novels, straight-to-DVD films, and parental advice columns for a number of years. He has been searching all his life for a way to combine fine cuisine and demonic possession into a coherent narrative, and now that he has accomplished this goal, he can die in peace.
10/03/13, Bon Appetit

Sarah Newfeld-Green:
Sarah Newfeld-Green was born in England over sixty years ago. She is an astrologer and massage therapist and more recently a caregiver for her husband. She is a member of SLONightWriters (San Luis Obispo, CA) and although has not had anything published of late, (she once had an article published about aromatherapy in the Mountain Astrologer 1993!) she just enjoys writing poems and short fiction when inspired, and when time permits. She also enjoys morning walks on the beach, and reading on a quiet evening.
05/11/12, No More Excuses

C.M. O’Connor:
C.M. O’Connor is new to fiction, but not to world exploration. As a recently graduated anthropologist from Sarah Lawrence College, her work has taken her through Australia and Southeast Asia as well as South and Central America. Most of her days consist of muddling through Spanish, playing autoharp, reading obscure books and hitching rides to community events. She currently has a place in Oregon that she very rarely sees and is the frequently absent loco parentis for two mostly trained Airedales. Her upcoming work can be seen in the October 2012 edition of Bards and Sages Quarterly.
07/02/12, The Club of the Uncertainly Widowed

Christina Ortega Phillips:
Christina Ortega Phillips was born and raised in northwest Indiana. A graduate of Valparaiso University, she received her BA in English and Psychology and an MA in English Studies and Communication and an MA in TESOL. She is an ESL teacher by trade, but a writer and geek at heart. She has contributed to Being Latino in the past. Her work has also been published in River Poets Journal and here at Infective Ink. Her writing group, Blank Slate, has published two anthologies, Midnight Oil and Night Light. To keep up with Christina and her writing projects, visit her Facebook page.
06/20/13, Lost and Found
03/26/14, The Waiting Room
06/07/15, Red
10/12/15, Possessions

Konstantine Paradias:
Konstantine Paradias is a writer by choice. His short stories have been published in the AE Canadian Science fiction review, The Curious Gallery Magazine and the BATTLE ROYALE  Slambook by Haikasoru. His short story, “How You Ruined Everything” has been included in Tangent Online’s 2013 recommended SF reading list and his short story “The Grim” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
10/11/16, Dead Man’s Burden

Aliki Papavgeris:
Aliki Papavgeris was born in Greece and grew up in the Netherlands. She studied Psychology and now lives and works in a town just outside of London. Her main focus is short stories and in her spare time she reads anything and everything she can get her hands on.
09/18/14, Closet Biker

C.J. Peat:
C.J. Peat lives in Scotland and writes as a hobby. She has recently become slightly addicted to writing fairy tale retellings, which is a nice addition to her ever-expanding list of slight addictions that currently includes listening to R&B, attempting Tai Chi and watching clips of The Voice on youtube. Her retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses is available to read in Timeless Tales magazine.
06/01/15, The Huntsman’s Gifts

Ally Pete:
Ally Pete likes rice.
02/08/11, Pretty
04/05/21, Empty Nest

Nathan Pettigrew:
Nathan Pettigrew was born and raised near New Orleans, Louisiana, and lives with his wife in the Tampa area of Florida where they like to kick back and enjoy Breaking Bad when they’re not on their balcony arguing. Nathan’s stories have appeared in print and online through We Are Vespertine, Six Minute Magazine, Solarcide – A Writer’s Hideout, and SNM Horror Magazine. You can find Nathan on Twitter @NathanBorn2010.
10/21/11, No Fly Zone

Roger Poppen:
Roger Poppen took up creative writing after retiring as a professor of behavior analysis. He finds making up people more soothing than dealing with real ones. He has published one novel, Mister Lucky, and several shorter works in online literary magazines. You may read more of his work at his website.
01/11/11, Going South

Sienna Rachelle:
Sienna Rachelle is a writer, musician and performance artist from Winnipeg, a small, cold city in the centre of Canada. She lives with three dogs of varying sizes and four other humans of varying temperaments. She enjoys reading fantasy novels, watching science fiction television and scuba diving with sharks. Sienna can be contacted at: sienna dot rachelle at yahoo dot ca
10/11/11, The Guardian

Rick Rauch:
Rick Rauch was born and raised in the suburbs of New Orleans and currently lives along Bayou Lacombe in southeast Louisiana. Trained as a physicist, he currently test rockets that one day may enable human explorers to escape Earth’s orbit and venture to Mars and beyond. Rauch’s poetry has recently appeared or is about to appear in California Quarterly, decomP, Hotel Amerika, Many Mountains Moving, Milk Money, The Oxford American, Quiddity, Slow Trains, and other magazines.
01/29/12, Extracurricular Activities

Juliana Rew:
Juliana Rew was a science and technical writer and editor at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, Colorado, and is convinced by the scientific evidence for global warming. She loves to travel to exotic places, although sometimes she has to make them up. She is currently nursing a bad case of bluegrass mandolin thumb.
01/07/14, Wet At the Top of the Stairs

Jon Ricson:
Jon Ricson writes both speculative and (strangely) silly detective fiction, but not usually at the same time. He lives outside Orlando, Florida and on any day you can find him walking the streets of Disney or Universal thinking up things. He is currently working on two full novels, one that expands this story both backwards and forwards, and a collection of detective stories into a novel format. For more on Jon go to
12/26/13, Constant – A League of Sol Planets Short Story

Holly Riordan:
Holly Riordan has a Bachelor of Arts from Stony Brook, where she minored in Creative Writing, and writes articles for several woman’s websites. She has also had her short stories published by Strange Musings Press, Reading Plus, and Popcorn Press.
03/07/16, Doubles

Heather Roulo:
Heather Roulo writes about zombies and time travel—though not yet about time traveling zombies. Her children believe fairies exist. She is best known for her podcast novel Fractured Horizon. She was once peed on by an alligator.
01/12/14, Beseiged

Joseph Rubas:
Joseph Rubas lives on Florida’s sunny east coast. By day he writes horror, and by night he trolls highways looking for hitchhikers to kill and eat. His work has appeared in a bunch of magazines you’ve never heard of, and his last two collections, After Midnight, and The Shapeshifter, have sold very poorly. That’s not his fault, though; it’s everyone else’s.
05/15/12, Krazy 4 Koontz
05/18/13, Mommy
06/14/16, From Space

Gregg Sapp:
A native Ohioan, Gregg Sapp has worked as a peripatetic librarian, editor, college teacher, and academic administrator. Having authored some 60 academic articles, four learned monographs, 300-some reviews, and served as editor of five professional journals, he gradually developed a desire to write something that was actually fun… and which might be read by somebody other than academic eggheads. His break out novel, Dollarapalooza, was published in 2011, and his most recent novel, Fresh News Straight from Heaven, (based upon the true mythology of the American folk hero, Johnny Appleseed!) is on the way. For more about Sapp and his work, visit
09/04/14, Coitus Interruptus

Carla Sarett:
Carla Sarett is a cheerful refugee from academia who has worked in TV, film and market research; and for reasons unknown, decided to add fiction writing to the mix. Her short story collection Nine Romantic Stories is now available.
03/19/12, Victor’s Proposal

Wayne Scheer:
Wayne Scheer has locked himself in a room with his computer and turtle since his retirement. (Wayne’s, not the turtle’s.) To keep from going back to work, he’s published hundreds of short stories, essays and poems, including Revealing Moments, a collection of flash stories, available at He’s been nominated for four Pushcart Prizes and a Best of the Net. Wayne lives in Atlanta with his wife and can be contacted at wvscheer (at) aol (dot) com.
11/12/11, The Root of All Evil
11/22/11, Starting Over
02/10/12, The Affair
03/21/12, Moving Forward
12/13/12, Family Man
06/15/13, Three Generations
06/14/14, The Old-Fashioned Way
11/12/14, Unlikely Friends

Walter Schmidt:
Walter Schmidt lives far, far away with his wives and two big dogs where he grows apples and writes.
07/07/14, Almost Amish

Jim Schoen:
Born ninth in the dozen of us, Jim Schoen remembers wrestling for food, for toys, over the best gulley or tree to build forts in. In fact, they were raised with the best care that two hard-worked people could manage. Jim remembers that they were loved well and taught what mattered – and what did not. Taking care of one another mattered. They still try to.

College educated at more than a few colleges – to which he has since sent off letters of sincere apology – Jim’s only degrees have been earned informally, in the building trades, working as a carpenter and as a plaster and stucco mason. He has always written.

“Born To This” appeared in Edifice Wrecked in 2006, an online magazine which is no longer. “Ice Cream” can currently be enjoyed in Structo 7, a newsprint magazine available mostly in England. “Treasure”, which started as a novel, was recently published in the Mutation Nation anthology, edited by Kelly Dunn.
06/28/12, The Empath

Michael Seese:
Michael is a former journalist, but his current day job is in information security for a regional bank. Or, as his son could say even at age three, “Daddy keeps people’s money safe.” Michael has published three books: Haunting Valley, a collection of fictional ghost stories centered around his home town, Scrappy Business Contingency Planning, which teaches corporate BCP professionals how to prepare for bad things, and Scrappy Information Security, which teaches us all how to keep the cyber-criminals away.
04/08/16, The Curse of the Magi

Elisabeth Sharp McKetta:
Elisabeth Sharp McKetta has too many degrees and too few job prospects, but her credentials include having parented a hedgehog, a corgi, an actual human girl; running the Boston Marathon as a bandit; and having hurdled numerous break-ups without ever having to use a break-up form letter. Find more of her writing at
05/18/12, Break Up Form Letter

Tom Sheehan:
Tom Sheehan is now in his 85th year and still plowing ahead after serving in the 31st Regt., Korea, 1951-52 and graduating from Boston College in 1956. His books are Epic Cures, 2005, and Brief Cases, Short Spans, 2008, Press 53 (print and eBook issues); A Collection of Friends and From the Quickening, 2009, Pocol Press. He has 18 Pushcart nominations, in Dzanc Best of the Web 2009, and has 308 cowboy stories on Rope and Wire Magazine. His work has appeared in the last year in the Ukraine, Romania, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Mexico, Canada, etc. His newest eBooks from Milspeak Publishers are Korean Echoes, 2011 and The Westering, 2012, the latter nominated for a National Book Award by the publisher. He has an Indie Award for Epic Cures, the Georges Simenon Award for fiction, and nominations for Best of the Web 2010 and 2011. He spends his days, and most of his nights, at an infernal machine that talks back to him on occasion.
11/22/12, The Thinning Ranks

Jane Sherman:
Jane Sherman has an MFA in Creative Writing from Fairfield University and has written a memoir.
One chapter appeared in the eight magazines of the Weston Magazine Group.
Since 2012 she’s been writing a blog She’s President of Lois Street Corporation and lives in Westport, CT. She sings in three choirs.
Her twitter handle is @JaneSherman1
08/16/16, Office Mistakes

Jonathan Shipley:
Jonathan Shipley, a member of Science Fiction Writers of America, writes short stories and novels in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. His list of publications is pushing up to the half-century mark in a vast story arc from Nazi occultism to vampires to futuristic space opera. When not writing, he is immersed in the restoration of an old cattle baron’s mansion in Fort Worth, Texas, which occasionally he also uses as a setting for stories — though not the overly grim ones. A hundred-year-old mansion has enough strange noises in the night without creating causes over and above the usual old house shifting
and creaking. A listing of his short fiction can be found at
06/26/16, Scow of Destiny

Eva Silverfine:
Eva Silverfine is a biologist by training, an editor by profession, and a writer by calling. From living above her parents’ hardware store besides the elevated subway in Brooklyn, NY, to a mile down a gravel road near San Marcos, TX, she has meandered through a variety of urban, suburban, and rural landscapes. Her work has appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine and Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative. Please visit her at
05/20/16, T or R

Philip Simondet:
Philip Simondet is a writer, singer/songwriter, and improviser in Minneapolis, MN
08/28/12, Love Letters to My Editor

Hallie M. Smith:
Hallie M. Smith grew up in a land of 10,000 lakes but hardly any beaches. Fascinated by the human skeleton, she studied osteology in England, and learned that every bone tells a story and those stories deserve to be heard. She started writing fiction, and published a short ghost story, Tobias on Amazon and ‘In Sheep’s Clothing,’ a tale of terror, in Aphelion Webzine. Her website can be found at
05/11/16, House of Mirrors

Nemone Smith:
Nemone is nothing all that different from the ordinary: she has a day job, is part of a writing group, has family members, a dog, lives in a house. In trying to enjoy her blip of existence on this planet, she’d like to share some of the words in her head. Nemone lives in Canada.
08/22/16, Tipped

Scott Thomas Smith:
Scott Thomas Smith lives in St. Louis with two cats, and is currently working on: a screenplay, a video game script, and a half dozen other projects – including a novel trilogy. The hub of Smith’s web presence can be found at
01/24/12, Seen/Unsought – Sight/Unseen

Steve Smith:
Steve Smith is a writer based in Florida.
01/10/12, A Dancer’s Wrists

Carolyn Smuts:
Carolyn Smuts taught history before fleeing academic life to write. Her work has appeared in a bunch of stuffy magazines and a few cool ones, too. Her recent fiction works were published by Akashic Books, Jitter Press, Wordland, and Omnific, though she is proudest of her erotic novella about Alexander Hamilton published a year before the Broadway show got all crazy-popular. Coincidence?  She lives in Southern California and drinks coffee in the morning and booze at night.
02/22/16, Tortoise

D.K. Snape:
D.K. Snape has been making up stories all her life. Writing them since she understood crayon should go on the paper, not in her mouth. She prayed to the Muse once. Big mistake. The Muse is lonely. She got bombarded with ideas, daily at least. Now she’s not sure she’ll ever be able to write all the stories down. Not even if she lives to be 300. You can find her only other story, Proton Pursuit, published on Mad Scientist Journal. Her YA book, Moustache on the Moon, part one, Kin Ship will be released soon at
07/29/13, I’m Not Sick
05/28/14, Kicking Off the Dust

E.M. Sole:
E. M. Sole is a proud resident of Nebraska, living there with three jack russell terriers and a very confused cat. She was given the gift of the love of literature of all types by her grandmother, a gift that has grown in value through the years. Her short fiction has appeared in Mystic Signals, Liquid Imagination, and here at INfective INk.
05/08/13, The Inheritance
10/17/13, Monster Like Me
03/22/14, Murderer’s Grave
10/24/15, Firestorm

Carolyn Southard:
Carolyn has been writing ever since she learned how ~ her first story was written in second grade (for which she received an “A+”).  She has another story published, in 59Five Publishing’s “Winter” selection, available online at Despite the lack of publishing to her credit, she persists stubbornly.
03/16/16, My Name Is Barbara

Mark Steele:
Mark Steele has been involved with comics, SF and other such literature most of his life. He attended a liberal arts college at the age of 16 and soon entered the health care field. He’s spent much of his time since then doing that. His published accomplishments have included: writing and some inking on a comic book adaptation of Shea and Wilson’s ILLUMINATUS! Trilogy (the 1st, self-published issue now available on-line) from Eye-and-Apple Prods. and Rip Off Press; and a translation of “Daughter of Fantomas”, the 8th book in the pre-WWI series, from French to English for Black Coat Press. Most recently, Mark has developed a comics series set in the late 1930s and a series of internet TV shows for a company. Mark has also been a Pastor for an Earth Spirituality Church filed with the State of Michigan. His current upcoming prose works include publication in the online InfectiveINk web site, SF for Lillicat Publishers, adventure for Visual Adjectives, Lovecraftian for the First United Church of Cthulhu and Weird Hero for Pro Se Publications.

02/28/16, BANG! It’s Broke!
04/21/16, The Necklace

Wendy Steele:
Wendy Steele lives on a hillside in Wales with her partner and cats. Following training in belly dance and writing, she has published novels and novellas in the magical realism genre and teaches ATS® Belly Dance. Renovating her Grade II listed farmhouse and reading fill the rest of her time.
12/14/15, In Time For Christmas

Samantha Stier:
Samantha grew up in a small farm town in Western Massachusetts and currently lives in Venice Beach, California, which she likes much better. She writes novels and short stories and is currently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing at Antioch University Los Angeles. She loves the Beatles and film noir.
03/21/13, Neighbor

Robert Joe Stout:
Robert Joe Stout’s nonfiction and fiction about Oaxaca and Mexico has appeared in The American Scholar, America, Interim, Southern Humanities Review and many other publications. He is the author of Miss Sally, Why Immigrants Come to America and The Blood of the Serpent Mexican Lives. He lives in Oaxaca, Mexico.
11/26/14, Winners

Erik Svehaug:
Erik started writing to avoid aging, but it didn’t work. An avid traveler, in recent stories he has been to ancient Greece, 1840’s Ohio, and pre-Gold Rush California. He recently won the UMM Binnacle UltraShorts Poetry prize for 2012. Please visit
08/12/13, Family Ties

Keshia Swaim:
Keshia grew up in a small town, graduated from a respected University, and landed a steady job. Then she discovered that reality is boring. She has made it her mission to save others (and herself) from reality by writing as often as she can. She’s had several short stories published, and her debut YA novel, Blood Bound, was published through Spencer Hill Press in October, 2013. When she’s procrastinating, Keshia can be found on Facebook, Twitter @KeshiaSwaim, or her blog, The Book Addict.
05/28/13, Mother’s Voice
01/10/14, Wildflower

Diane Tarantini:
Diane Tarantini lives in a hundred-year-old house in Morgantown, West Virginia. She is a graduate of West Virginia University’s Perry Isaac Reed School of Journalism. Her writing has won awards in humor, inspiration, and book length prose. Recently she had a revelation that she is a writer, not a novelist, preferring to work in the under 5,000 word realm. Now she must determine whether or not to burn her 90,000 word not-quite-memoir manuscript in the chiminea out back.
02/08/12, French Kiss

Caroline Taylor:
Caroline Taylor wrote this story just to get it off her chest. It’s fiction, but only just barely. She has published several stories online and in print and is the author of two mystery novels. Visit her at
03/29/16, How Josie’s Problem Got Solved

Phil Temples:
Phil Temples has written flash and short sci-fi/fantasy for nearly ten years for his own enjoyment. He works as a computer systems administrator at Boston College and resides in Watertown, MA. When not writing, he can be found on the ham radio airwaves.
01/22/12, Machine Feelings

Sasha Thomas:
Sasha has dabbled in many arts: Indie filmmaking, stand up comedy, ice cube making. Now after many years of superior procrastination she is pleased to be writing short fiction.
03/29/14, Judgement Day

Darren Todd:
Darren’s non-fiction book, Pirate Nation, was published in Russia in early 2013. He writes full-time thanks to the patronage of his wife and the noble if convenient justification of being a stay-at-home dad for his five-year-old son. While his son attends kindergarten and reads See Spot Run with new friends, Darren haunt coffee shops penning horror stories.
04/27/16, You Shouldn’t Have

Emma Tonkin:
Emma Tonkin lives in a quiet village in the south of England. She is a recovering sysadmin and researcher who spends her weekdays in the basement of a University building. Her career path, like her academic record, wanders like a frog with hiccups between physics, information science and classical studies. She has recently developed a compulsive urge to write science fiction.
08/10/16, The Consultant

Nathaniel Tower:
Nathaniel Tower writes fiction, teaches English, and manages the online literary magazine Bartleby Snopes. His fiction has appeared in almost 200 online and print journals, and he has a novel and novella out through MuseItUp Publishing. When he isn’t writing or doing any of the other standard things writers do, he can be found joggling (running while juggling) through the streets. Visit him at
07/14/11, Mourning Through Fishnets
08/09/11, Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right
12/08/11, Last Birthday Blast
05/22/12, A Lengthy Interrogation Concerning a Murder I May Have Committed
02/21/12, Star Murders

Donald Jacob Uitvlugt:
A mild-mannered retail clerk by day, by night Donald Jacob Uitvlugt wrestles with black pages and leaps split infinitives in a single bound. A bite from a radioactive mosquito in the back woods of Michigan gave him the ability to write small stories with big impact. Find out more at his blog,
01/26/12, Out of the Depths

Nikki Vogel:
Nikki Vogel is being held captive in her office by a bunch of pushy stories that want to be told. When the control-freaks let her out, she plays tennis or works on her thesis project for UBC’s MFA Creative Writing.
01/21/14, Bibbidi-Bobbidy-Boo

Andrew Vrana:
Andrew Vrana decided he wanted to be a writer after taking a creative writing class in college, so he changed his major from Biochemistry to Literature. That decision may not have been financially wise in terms of post-college career options, but at least he loves what he is doing. Andrew enjoys writing speculative fiction with a strong focus on sci-fi. You can read more of his work by visiting his personal blog at
11/28/13, OverSharing

Aliki Waller:
Aliki Waller travelled a lot when she was growing up and finally settled in a town just outside of London. These early experiences left her with a lot to say and an urge to travel more. Find her at
07/17/15, The Great Giorgio Fabuccini

Leigh Ward-Smith:
Leigh Ward-Smith is a refugee from the journalism, editing, and academic worlds; instead, she chose paupership and parenthood (natural bedfellows). She loves to write, especially speculative fiction, humor, and literary stuff and generally goof off with her family. She blogs at Leigh’s Wordsmithery, where you can find links to her other publishings.
06/18/16, Three Days During the Contagion

Jason Welch:
Jason Welch is currently an MFA student at Northwestern University. He’s an avid long boarder, lover of fabulous fiction, and NCAA All-American wrestler. “Wee Bear and Goldilocks,” is a short, new spin on the old tale, which he hopes you’ll enjoy reading. See more of Jason at, and on Twitter@WelchGrapevine
01/28/14, Wee Bear and Goldilocks

Christopher T. Werkman:
Christopher T, Werkman is a fiction writer and artist. He holds an MA in art education and taught for 30 years at Whitmer High School in Toledo, Ohio; and for nine years as an adjunct art instructor at the University of Toledo. Christopher has designed covers for three published novels and a short story collection. A native of Ohio, he lives on a few acres outside Haskins, Ohio with his partner, Karen, and too many cats. When he isn’t writing or painting, he enjoys playing too much golf and tennis, and rides his Ninja too fast anytime there is sufficient traction. Werkman has twenty short stories published in literary magazines and in anthologies. Difficult Lies, his first novel, was published in September of 2015 by Rogue Phoenix Press. See more of Christopher at
03/08/14, Game Piece
02/10/16, Believe It

Sam Westreich:
Sam Westreich has been reading speculative fiction ever since he was given his first library card as a child. He is currently pursuing his PhD in genetic research, and spends his little free time between experiments writing short fiction. Westreich’s work has been published at EveryDay Fiction, the Flash-Forward Festival, and Separate Worlds.
09/30/13, The Coffeeshop of Vice and Inequity

Hollis Whitlock:
Hollis lives in Vancouver BC with his wife and four children. He completed a BBA at UFV in 2003 and continues to write as a hobby. His favorite pastime is feeding his koi in the backyard.
04/16/14, The Streetwalker

Randy Whittaker:
Randy Whittaker writes for fun but is desperately trying to become rich by doing it.
02/01/16, Love Hurts

Sheena Williams:
Sheena Williams’ creative writing work has previously appeared in, Gothic Fairy Tales for Melancholy Children, and Mirror Dance. Her non-fiction work includes the book, Computers 101, published by Adapt Companies, and as a monthly contributor for CampusJobXpress.Com magazine.
01/03/14, Wicked

S. Zainab Williams:
Fueled by black tea and Skittles, S. Zainab Williams writes speculative fiction in Los Angeles. Her forthcoming horror/dark fantasy graphic novel can be found at, and her writing has appeared in Spinetingler Magazine and on The Drabblecast. She blogs about her writing trials and adventures at
06/25/12, A Séance for Ingrid

Cass Wood:
Cass Wood is a student studying Creative Writing and Film Studies at the University of Essex, currently nearing the end of her final year. Two of her greatest hobbies are music and writing, and they go hand in hand. She composes music with a story in mind, and when writing, can’t get anything good down unless listening to music of some sort. In the realms of writing, Science Fiction is her favourite genre, as nothing sparks her imagination quite like imagining what ‘Could be’ in the future.
06/22/16, What I See

Dana Wright:
Dana Wright has always had a fascination with things that go bump in the night. She is often found playing at local bookstores, trying not to maim herself with crochet hooks or knitting needles, watching monster movies with her husband and furry kids or blogging about books. More commonly, she is chained to her computers, writing like a woman possessed. She is currently working on several children’s stories, young adult fiction, romantic suspense, short stories and is trying her hand at poetry. She is the author of Asylum, The Invitation and Texas Twister.   She is a contributing author to Ghost Sniffers, Inc.: The Haunting of Zephyr Zoo, Siren’s Call E-zine in their “Women in Horror” issue in February 2013 and “Revenge” in October 2013, a contributing author to Potatoes!, Fossil Lake, Of Dragons and Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds, Undead in Pictures, Potnia, Shadows and Light, Dark Corners (upcoming), Wonderstruck, Shifters: A Charity Anthology, Dead Harvest, Monster Diaries, Holiday Horrors and the Roms, Bombs and Zoms Anthology from Evil Girlfriend Media. Dana has also reviewed music for specializing in New Age and alternative music and has been a contributing writer to Eternal Haunted Summer, Massacre Magazine, Metaphor Magazine, The Were Traveler October 2013 edition: The Little Magazine of Magnificent Monsters, the December 2013 issue The Day the Zombies Ruled the Earth. She currently reviews music at New Age Music Reviews and Write a Music Review. She is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association, Romance Writers of America and has been a presenter at Houston SCBWI.
02/12/16, Bigfoot Honking Love

Zarina Zabrisky:
Zarina Zabrisky started to write at six. She wrote and burned short stories traveling around the world as a street artist, fur coat model, translator, kickboxing instructor, and a hot dogs brand ambassador. Her work appeared in a number of literary magazines and anthologies worldwide, including Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction, The Blinking Anthology (UK), The Applicant (Nepal), Escape into Life Literary Magazine, Red Fez and Wicked East Press anthology. When not busy writing, Zarina likes to set the world on fire. For more, visit Zarina at
03/29/12, The Lamp

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