February 22nd 2011: That Skirt is Way Too Short

A Day In
, by Ellen Vickrey

“That skirt is far too short,” I said. “If you want to pass as a girl, you need something longer. You have man legs.”

My boyfriend, Gary, rolled his eyes. “I look fine in it.”

“You don’t look like a girl.”

“I’m not a girl.”

“You said you wanted to look like one.”

Back into the closet went the horrid yellow skirt, to my satisfaction. I was no longer the only person shamed by it.

“What about the brown one?” I asked.

“It’s boring.”

“Why do you want to look like a girl?”

A siren wailed at us from four stories below as a reminder that the world was not limited to my apartment.

“I guess I want to see what the world is like?”

Gary seemed to be asking me, as if I was the one to decide. I had no answers. I was as confused and ill-defined as he.

“Is it about the world or you?”

Seconds passed. I could tell they were seconds from the hands on the clock.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “Is that okay?”


More seconds passed, but I didn’t check the clock this time. It wasn’t important. The sirens on the street weren’t important. Gary’s smile was.

“Can I wear the long lacy one?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said. “But you won’t fit into the corset.”


Ellen Vickrey is a creature that rarely comes out during the daytime and is commonly known as the ‘urban unicorn’. If you manage to spot her, you should contact your local wildlife control.

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