October 29th 2015: Possession
The Other I Am
, by Ashe Thurman

After being published in FlashFiction online and a couple of other local publications, Ashe Thurman decided to start her own semi-serial passion project of fantasy short stories. Installments can be found on Inkitt, FictionPress, and at latolan.wordpress.com. When she’s not dressing up in Renaissance Faire garb or accosting voice actors at conventions, she’s at home with her husband making polymer clay jewelry and admiring her puppet collection.

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  • Ruth Livingstone: A great story. Set in a complex world, rich and full of detail, presented beautifullly. And an...
  • Linda Tyler: I really like the way this story cleverly blends light humour (I particularly enjoyed the ‘black...
  • Rose Divecha: Great story with good tension! Love the title!
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