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April 2015: Dear Diary

May 2015: Telling your kids about ‘the birds and the bees’ is always a difficult task

June 2015: Modern spins on common fairy tales

July 2015: Memory loss

August 2015: Life changing embarrassment and ruinous humiliation

September 2015: The substitute teacher

October 2015: Possession

November 2015: First time eating something ‘extreme’

December 2015: As inspired by Dickens, A Christmas Carol

January 2016: Flu season

February 2016: The best break-up ever

March 2016: Mistaken identity

April 2016: As inspired by, the Gift of the Magi

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  • Tenisha M: Love this!
  • Rasana Atreya: I follow Wayne around the net, reading pretty much everything he writes. As usual, he doesn’t...
  • G. K. Adams: A poignant story with a sense of realism. Depth in the characters. Excellent choice of details. All...
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