The Agreement:
  • Between the time you submit your story to 3 months after publication, we will be the sole publishers of the piece in question. Rather than posting the story in full on your own website, you should instead post a short excerpt (under 200 words) and simply link to the story's page on
  • We'd like your story to be available for potential anthologies, you know, if we ever do that sort of thing, but we will simply contact you with the request when need be.
  • We hope other writers will read your story and be inspired to write their own follow up piece, perhaps extending the story further, or taking your character on another adventure. Therefore, our preference is to keep your story available to readers indefinitely. But if after 3 months you wish for it to be removed, we're cool with that.
  • If your story has (inexplicably since we're prompt specific!) been previously published, please be sure you are allowed to reprint electronically before submitting.
  • We assume that any work you send is your own. If it isn't, don't send it, and shame on you!
  • Chapters accepted for the group novel become property of
  • will maintain an Author Biography section for all stories available on site. Authors are encouraged to provide a website link as well as links to the various places their other work can be found. We will promote our site and your story in any and all ways we can think of!
By submitting your story you are accepting the terms stated above. See how easy that was?

Please see our Current Prompts and Guidelines for full details.

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