March 13th 2012: Horrible Wedding Proposals
I’d be So Thrilled
, by Maude Larke

“I want you to marry me so that we can ride to the wedding in a big limousine and all my friends will see us drive by.”


Maude Larke lives in France with the ghost of her last cat. Her credo is ‘never wear two things of the same color when hiking’. She has this bad habit of collecting things and getting antsy when people begin to touch the items in the collections. Especially the pebble collection. She thoroughly admits that she teaches as a day job out of sadism.

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7 responses to “March 13th 2012: Horrible Wedding Proposals
I’d be So Thrilled
, by Maude Larke”

  1. SonyaTTT says:


  2. Auntie M says:

    When hubby asked me it was more of a “We ARE going to get married, aren’t we? We should find a ring.”

  3. Lee P(h)illips says:

    The best/worst time to propose is after a shared night in the ER due to a bout of explosive diarrhoea.

  4. Henry Shermer says:

    “If you would consent to be my wife, I swear to never beat you. If you decline, the deal is off.”

  5. anon says:

    I want you to marry me so my parents will stop asking if I’m gay.

  6. Nancy says:


    I want us to get married so I make my pretty friends wear horrible dresses.







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