July 26th 2011: The best sex I ever had was with…
, by Neil Weston

The best sex I ever had was with a composite woman.  I made her from the memory of: the bosom, the buttocks, the legs, and the face of my favourite actresses, and came up with a smooth and slippery tunnel to manhood via an empty yet willing woman.  Vacuous entertainment, a bit like how I viewed the world back then.

Back then, I could close my eyes, be in a bar, get offered a drink by my Empty Woman.  She would proffer me a ride home in her chauffeured limousine and welcome me into her moneyed lair in the Hollywood Hills.

We usually never made it to the house; we often did it on the back seat doing 60 on the freeway.

Yeah, the best sex I ever had was with a composite woman.

Sure, it was all in my head.

However, it was personal.

It was private.

Moreover, on the occasions we got to the house…

But, hey, that’s not for your reading pleasure.

It’s all mine.


Neil hails from the UK and once worked in a haunted building but has yet to have the distinction of meeting any spectral form!


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